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    A Short Guide On Shaker Kitchen Design

    In our previous guide to shaker kitchen design, we walked you through what the style is all about, its foundations and origins, and the evolution of the design itself.

    However, in today’s shaker kitchen guide, we at Saturn Interiors will be explaining the different benefits of installing this design in your space.

    Before that, let’s understand what exactly is a shaker kitchen?

    What is a Shaker Kitchen? 

    A shaker kitchen has its history roping back to the 18th century, where a religious sect known as ‘The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance’ believed every element in the house should have a purpose and a function

    This mostly formed the basis of what has come to be known as ‘shaker kitchen’. In fact, shaker kitchens have quickly become a mainstay in kitchen designs where the elements have perfect functionality – and when combined with Saturn’s best quality materials, it can give you an experience like no other. 

    Simply put, it is a modern kitchen design with smooth lines, clean spaces and a minimalist approach

    However, there are modern as well as classic, countryside shaker kitchen designs that you can choose from, as both have the same minimalist and functional approach

    Additionally, this kind of kitchen has space, uncluttered areas and unfussy arrangements. Basically, everything is in the right place, making the kitchen look more vibrant. 

    Why not choose from our various modern kitchen design ranges and make your shaker kitchen today? 

    Top 4 Advantages of a Shaker Kitchen

    1. Timeless Design

    Having a design like a shaker kitchen, one that has space for so many alterations in the future, gives you the upper hand. 

    Moreover, a busy kitchen needs an uncluttered space to function and a shaker style kitchen aids to this demand in a perfect way. Sure, different kitchen trends will come and go, but a classic and sleek design will go a long way to give you a perfect timeless look! 

    This means, with a shaker kitchen design, if you desire a new look for your space, all you need to do is change the paint colour or add a fresh layer of the same colour to turn the look of the whole room upside down!

    2. Low Maintenance 

    Shaker kitchens are all about ‘less but impactful’. This means that all the kitchen cabinets, surfaces and countertops are symmetrical, so no more difficult corners to reach for cleaning.

    Additionally, you can also choose rounded corners for the safety of your kids and pets which eventually contributes to the aesthetics of a shaker kitchen. 

    With these many natural design benefits, the maintenance of the kitchen drops down drastically and makes this kind of kitchen more convenient for you.

    3. Easy Installation

    Revamping or designing a new kitchen always requires time and budget, which is not always available. With a shaker kitchen, however, both of these factors can be dealt with easily, because installing a kitchen with minimum elements will naturally require less time and budget.

    Moreover, with fewer elements being a part of our shaker kitchen guide, a shaker kitchen can be relatively easier to install. 

    However, when paired with our expert team of professionals, the process of installation will be done in no time to give you the best revamp experience of your kitchen! 

    4. Unique Design 

    Although the classic shaker designers will disagree, you can add your style and preferences to your modern kitchen design. This means, in a shaker kitchen, there is a lot of scope to stamp your individuality, your style to the conventional designs. 

    For instance, you can add a pop of colour by choosing from our different range of countertops and kitchen islands to highlight your design further.

    If you’re ready to design the shaker kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with the kitchen designers at Saturn Interiors today! 

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