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    10 Gorgeous Stone Floor Designs

    stone floor slates

    Need some stone floor design ideas for your next home transformation? You can extrapolate pretty much any design starting from these 10 possible patterns and materials for your stone floor.

    1.      Geometric pattern design

    You can combine diverse types of stones to form shapes for your flooring, since most of the stone mix well together, depending only on how they are cut and polished to combine together. You can choose between geometric shapes or organic ones, i.e. plants or animals.

    Mosaic or abstract, symmetrical or asymmetrical. You can play between those depending on the degree of light in the room, its size as well its function. Mosaics, for instance, are often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

    stone floor geometric pattern


    2.      High contrast pattern design

    Although the possibilities are basically endless, the most popular colours for stone floors are consistently white, grey, and black. A reason for what is because those are probably the colours which are most easily combined with all the other shades which will populate a room.

    Still, should you go for a high contrast pattern, you must consider narrowing down the colours of your furniture to just one and maybe go for a lighter one too.

    3.      One colour design

    Unlike the multi-colour stone floor, opting for a homogeneous coloured floor surely leaves room for improvising with the furniture.

    This is a good floor option for a room dedicated to rest and more contemplative activities, like a bedroom or a library.

    4.      Stone effect design

    A stone effect for your flooring is such a suitable option for a house with a lot of visible wood pieces in its building structure.

    Natural elements combine perfectly in this setting and the right contrast with the colour of the walls and good lighting could transform any space completely.


    stone floor with stone effect


    5.      Marble flooring

    Elegant and timeless, marble is one of the classical options when it comes to flooring. The main drawback of this kind of flooring is the fact that is can scratch easily.

    Also, can be slippery if it’s wet so, not the best choice for a bathroom or kitchen.

    6.      Onyx Stone

    This type of rock offers a very diverse range of colours and patterns and it throws a very contemporary look almost no matter where you put it. Still, it has some of the same drawbacks as marble.

    onyx stone floor design


    7.      Travertine flooring

    This fits into the softer varieties of stone and for this reason, it will age with a specific patina. When polished resembles a lost to marble.

    Good colour range and hue. Requires maintenance and care, since any acidic substance can develop a stain. Even citric juices can do that if not cleaned in time.


    8.      Slate flooring

    This is layer formed type of rock which comes in different densities. Constitutes a good option for kitchens since in higher densities it provides good traction. Quite limited colour range, mostly dark green, grey and brown.

    stone floor slates

    9.      Granite flooring

    This is one of the hardest materials for floorings. Comes in a wide palette of colours and you don’t have to worry about any scratches or staining.

    10. Limestone flooring

    Very similar to travertine both in hardness and in ageing behaviour, although it surpasses it at both. Depending on the cutting, it can come across like wood planks.

    We hope these designs gave you some stunning ideas for your next home transformation. If you have any questions about more design ideas or the services we offer, please do feel free to call 01604 930 860 or fill out our contact form.



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