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    Shaker Kitchen Range

    Known for its unadorned simplicity and timeless design, shaker kitchens add elegance and character to your home.

    At Saturn Interiors, the multifaceted design of our shaker style kitchens not only boast a balanced proportion and clean lines but also seamlessly integrate within any home. This means, irrespective of whether you’re living in a penthouse or country cottage, we have a suitable shaker kitchen design for every home.

    Our modern shaker kitchens also feature a classic in-frame structure and are available in an array of beautiful colour palettes, meaning you can now design a cooking area that’s unique to you!

    If quality is your top priority and you want to bring your dream shaker kitchen design to life, get in touch with our team today!


    Shaker Kitchens – Are They Worth It?

    Dating back to the mid 18th century, Shaker style kitchens are known for their functionality, quality craftsmanship and simplicity.

    Not only do our modern shaker kitchens come with an elegant and classically portioned layout, but also have distinctive square frames which can be personalised as per personal specifications.

    Since the timeless design of our shaker kitchens blend perfectly with both modern and traditional homes, they make for a popular choice among homeowners. 

    Built to last, our shaker style kitchens are a fantastic investment for your home and can be easily designed to fit your home’s interiors, not to mention your budget.

    Key Features of Our Shaker Kitchen Design

    At Saturn Interiors, the hallmark of our shaker style kitchens are their drawers and cabinets featuring a flat centre panel and contemporary handles.

    However, these kitchen designs also possess a number of other features, such as:

    • Ash painted timber
    • Internal beading
    • Visible grain or smooth option
    • Narrow frame options available for a more contemporary

    While these features come with simple and minimal ornamentation, it still makes for a perfect fit for modern kitchens. 

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a classic, traditional or modern design, we have an array of high quality Shaker Kitchens designs to create the kitchen of your dreams.

    Why Choose Saturn Interiors for Shaker Kitchens?

    Known for its simplicity and versatility, our shaker kitchens are at home in almost every setting; no matter where you live, we can create bespoke kitchens that blend seamlessly within your existing interiors.

    At Saturn Interiors, our professional kitchen designers will work closely with you and curate designs that are tailored to fit all your requirements. We also make sure that your painted shaker kitchen features integrity and honesty that comes from the roots of this design.

    Whether you’re looking for a shaker kitchen that features bold statement colours or clean, white design, our team can help you transform your kitchen.

    Contact us on 01604 582835 or book your free virtual online design appointment today!


    Once you have selected your kitchen from Saturn Kitchens, we offer everything else to complete the kitchen from appliances and worktops to accessories and splashbacks. Include your requirements on your plans or quote request for a competitive quote.

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