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4 Unique Tips To Create A Statement Kitchen

When it comes to designing a statement kitchen, there is more to it than simply choosing the worktop and cabinets.

Since the kitchen is considered the heart of your home, try including some unique features that bring out your personality which can help you make a statement.

A kitchen that’s too simple and stark won’t be as appealing especially when you’ll be spending a lot of money on its renovation and installation.

The experts at Saturn Interiors have compiled a list of top 4 tips that can help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Let’s dive in!

1. Choose a Focal Point

Contemporary Strada Kitchen in White Gloss

When creating a statement kitchen, choosing an eye-catching focal point is essential. It adds instant appeal while brightening up the entire room. A statement splashback is perhaps the most popular choice in a statement kitchen. You can also experiment with bold colours, mosaic tiles or an art piece to add more flavour to your kitchen design. Whatever you choose, you need to ensure that your focal point stands out on its own while not competing with the rest of the decor. 

2. Integrate the Latest Trends

Your kitchen should reflect your personality and your taste as you integrate the latest trends through your choice of colour, style and texture. Minimalist kitchen design is in vogue as it can be easily adapted in any type of home. This will allow you to experiment with colours and contrasts as your kitchen becomes the epitome of sophistication, which is a statement in itself.

Experiment with a grey palette or pastel blues to add a pop of colour without being too loud or flashy. Ensure that your style ties well with the rest of your home decor for a streamlined and elegant look. 

3. Pay Attention to Details

When creating a statement kitchen, you have to take into account the design and style of your doors, taps, sinks, cabinets, appliances lights and other fixtures. These finer details will ultimately tie your space together and serve as ‘the icing’ in your kitchen area. For flawless kitchen design, consult your kitchen installers as you strategically choose these small but consequential details. 

image of modern kitchen with dark grey units, wood worktops, wood floor, under unit lighting

Brass, copper and gold elements go well with warm tones whereas silver elements match cool tones. In a nutshell, choose pieces that complement your colour palette

4. Opt for Smart Storage Options

If you want to be able to show off your statement kitchen in all its glory, you need to incorporate smart storage solutions to eliminate all the clutter. For a cleaner and put-together look, your pantry, worktop, dining and storage has to look clean and well-organised. At Saturn Kitchens, you will find innovative storage solutions that are perfect for your modern kitchen. 

With smart storage systems, you can achieve a rather sleek and sophisticated look that makes a statement on its own. 

Contact Kitchen Designers at Saturn Interiors

When designing your statement kitchen, it is up to you how you want to style it and what elements and functionality you’d like to incorporate. To ensure that your vision is clearly understood and translated, you need a team of expert kitchen professionals who can make your dream kitchen come true, so give us a call today!

At Saturn Interiors, we design kitchens that resonate with your personal style and taste as we make the most of your unique ideas and vision. So, book your free no-obligation appointment with us to get started!

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