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    5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Colour Palette In Your New Kitchen

    image of a brand new kitchen installation colour scheme

    With so many options available, it’s safe to say that choosing the perfect colour palette for your kitchen is no easy feat!

    Although you might have a certain colour in mind, there are countless shades and tones you need to sift through before you settle on something. If that’s not enough,  you also have to take your kitchen’s palette harmony into consideration with your home decor and other elements.

    When selecting a colour scheme for your bespoke kitchen, you must consider every relevant factor to cover all bases.

    Along with the perfect shade for your floor, cabinets, and walls, the colour of your pot-plant and kettle also play a huge role. All these small elements come together to either make or break the entire unity of your kitchen’s colour scheme. So being careful with the colour palette of your contemporary kitchen is important. 

    To make the design of your kitchen magazine-worthy, look at the entire project as an amalgamation of the various kitchen aspects.

    Here, we have divided your kitchen revamp project into sections and discuss some tips about choosing the perfect colour palette.

    How to Select the Right Colour for Your Cabinets

    When selecting the perfect colour palette for your kitchen, always start with the cabinets.

    The evidence for why is clear – based on the hardware and material used to build them, your cabinets tend to consume around 50% of your revamping budget. On top of that, they’re going to cover approximately 40% of your kitchen’s visual space.

    It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to use your cabinets as the base for selecting the colour scheme for your kitchen.

    What You Can Do: Select a material, colour, and texture that matches the design of your home, your personality, and fits within your budget. Try not to overthink it and make a decision based on what appeals most to you.

    How to Select the Right Kitchen Worktops

    Be careful when selecting your kitchen countertops or worktops, as it’s a significant decision you’ll make for a variety of reasons.

    Apart from the budget and practical considerations, your countertop is often at eye-level. This means, like cabinets, they are likely to occupy the majority of the visual space in your kitchen. If there’s no synergy between your cabinets and countertops, the harmony will simply fall apart.

    What You Can Do: When choosing a countertop for fitted kitchens, firstly erase any options that won’t work for you! If you’re following our advice, you’ll hopefully have already decided on cabinets, so you should have a guide to work from.

    Selecting the Right Flooring for Your Kitchen

    The best way to select a colour for your kitchen flooring can be determined by that of the adjoining rooms. If that’s not the case, it could be a little difficult for you to select the right colour. Just make sure the flooring and its colour create cohesion with the other elements in your kitchen. Flooring will play an important role, especially in open-plan kitchens

    What You Can Do: Firstly, select the material for your flooring. Some of the well-known options include laminate floors, hardwood, and tiles.

    If you want to give your kitchen a timeless look, why not consider a combination of laminate flooring or warm wood coupled with white cabinets. You can also choose a countertop that has both darker and lighter hues.

    How to Select The Perfect Colour for Your Kitchen Walls

    Never ignore the walls of your kitchen when selecting the perfect colour palette – a common mistake most of us commit!

    Walls play a huge role in helping you bring the entire room together and creating a certain vibe. Though your walls are covered with shelving, cabinets, and backsplashes, it’s still one of those spaces that stands out like a sore spot if it doesn’t fit the theme of your kitchen.

    What You Can Do: Pick a colour scheme that ties your flooring, backsplash, and cabinets together. You can opt for vivid wall colours, but ensure your cabinet and floors have a distinct palette.

    How to Select the Right Colour for Your Kitchen Hardware

    It’s important to pay attention to the details.

    Ensure you’re also considering the design of various elements like cabinet handles, lighting fixtures, and taps.

    Although these tend to be installed once the rest of the kitchen is refurbished, you’ll want a rough plan of what you need. See them as “the icing on the cake” to your entire project. Of course, there isn’t any hard and fast rule with regards to co-ordinating the hardware colours but it helps build a space that looks like it has been carefully planned.

    What You Can Do: When selecting the colour scheme for your unique and stylish kitchen, stick to the finishes and styles that match. 

    Final Thoughts on Your Kitchen Colour Design

    At first, the task of building a kitchen with a balanced colour palette might feel a tad bit daunting. However, if you prepare a step-by-step plan and stick to it, you will end up creating a cohesive and beautiful space. If you’re looking for more inspiration with regards to choosing cabinets and other elements, take a look at some of our projects at Saturn kitchens.

    For professional kitchen renovation in Milton Keynes or to discuss your project, get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation appointment!

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