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    6 Cabinet Designs To Suit Every Kitchen

    Popular kitchen cabinet designs that suit every home can seamlessly fit into your existing interiors.

    Cabinets serve as the heart of every kitchen design. Since they are one of the more prominent features in a kitchen’s interior, selecting the right cabinets is an important step in your kitchen design journey.

    Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or revamping an older design, a trendy cabinet can elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of your room. 

    With so many different stylish designs and trends to choose from, selecting a suitable cabinet design for every kitchen may not be as easy as it seems. From colour schemes and materials to height and fitting, there are various cabinet designs for you to select from.

    At Saturn Interiors, our expertise makes us one of the best in the kitchen design industry. That said, we have put together a list of cabinet designs that suit every kitchen design easily.

    Without further ado, let’s take a look!

    1. Black Open Cabinets

    Black open cabinets are an on-trend design that suits every home’s kitchen interiors; opening up to the idea of black cabinets is sure to give your kitchen an edgy yet modernistic look. 

    The versatility of the colour black makes it easy to pair with any other colour scheme. From visually appealing copper utensils to ceramic cookware, different kitchen elements displayed on black cabinets are sure to elevate your kitchen aesthetic.

    It is also the best way to add intensity and character to your kitchen design. Moreover, any kind of equipment and features can complement this dark, solid colour; so get creative and try unusual combinations for a more original look

    Additionally, the idea of open cabinets helps create a more spacious kitchen. This means showcasing your kitchen elements and other decor becomes much easier and organised with open black cabinets.

    2. Brown Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

    If you prefer a more natural look with rustic and earthy designs, wooden rustic brown cabinets are perfect for your kitchen.

    Creating a rustic kitchen aesthetic through the addition of brown textured cabinets helps you create a warm and inviting kitchen environment. Matching these cabinets with white tiles and pendant lighting can further contribute to the rustic aesthetic of the space.

    Since brown cabinets give a more traditional look, keeping your kitchen simple with this rich-colour will suit every home aesthetic.

    Pro tip: If dark brown is too intense for your kitchen, opting for lighter shades for your cabinets will give your kitchen a classic yet warm and inviting look.

    3. Dark Coloured Shaker-Style Cabinets

    Using dark coloured shaker style cabinets are perfect for those who want a subtle yet bold kitchen. Moreover, shaker style cabinets are a timeless traditional design; meaning it’ll never go out of style.

    These cabinets sport a classic design that goes fabulously with other existing elements like kitchen countertops and islands. Therefore, choosing darker colours like navy blue or olive green with a matte finish for your shaker cabinets will create a visually pleasing kitchen design.

    What’s more, not only do these cabinets suit every kitchen space, they can also be personalised with other features to create a unique and original interior.

    4. Pastel Glass-Front Cabinets

    Pastel glass-front cabinets are a popular choice in many elegant and sophisticated kitchen designs.

    Displaying kitchen equipment that you’re proud of through these elegant cabinets is a better idea as it also protects your cookware or equipment from dust and stains.

    Moreover, the pastel colours enhance the glass cabinets to give your kitchen a brighter and more spacious look. With the variety in glasses for cabinets, you can either opt for frosted glass or perhaps its smooth translucent alternative, to make your cabinets even more stylish.

    Another idea you could consider is installing lights inside your cabinets to highlight the contents even better.

    5. Contemporary White Cabinets

    Featuring smooth flat surfaces, contemporary cabinets are minimalist yet sophisticated. However, adding a white contemporary cabinet can help take this minimalist look to another level and further elevate the overall kitchen design and layout.

    This cabinet design will suit any kitchen and can be paired with any colour scheme and decor, meaning choosing contemporary white cabinets can allow you to get creative with different elements in your kitchen.

    Since white gives the illusion of a larger space, adding white cabinets can make your kitchen area seem spacious and brighter. Personalising these cabinets with different unique handles can also help you elevate the overall aesthetic.

    The versatility of this cabinet design is what makes it suitable for modern and traditional homes.

    6. Sleek Grey Slab Cabinets

    Modern homes often see the incorporation of sleek slab designs in their kitchen interiors. Keeping this in mind, opting for sleek and stylish grey slab cabinets can help create a chic industrial look for your kitchen area.

    Slab cabinets are known for their low-maintenance and simple design making them easy to clean and relatively inexpensive in terms of upkeep. Grey slab is a cabinet design every kitchen can easily incorporate; their subtlety making it easier to fit them into either an existing or a new kitchen.

    Additionally, opting for stainless steel appliances along with these grey slab cabinets can create a modernistic yet chic kitchen area for your home.

    Contact Saturn Interiors For Bespoke Cabinet Design Ideas

    Selecting a cabinet design that will suit any kitchen gives you the freedom to change elements and features in the future, especially if you want to experiment with a different look. Moreover, these designs are timeless and will always stay in trend. 

    At Saturn Interiors, our kitchen specialists work hard to ensure that we create your dream kitchen with cabinets that will suit your home perfectly.

    The different projects we have worked on makes us experts in the kitchen installation and design field; we understand your requirements and make sure we deliver a bespoke kitchen design for your home.

    To find out more, contact us today!

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