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    How to Be Smart With Space When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

    image of a kitchen representing how you can make designing your dream kitchen possible

    Let’s admit it – when designing your dream kitchen, you think of all the things you want and need, but not how to keep it compact in size

    Of course, everyone loves a smart and spacious kitchen. However, most of us have to make ends meet with a compact work triangle, minimal space for various appliances, and smaller worktops and countertops.

    If you aren’t willing to extend the walls of your kitchen, then you can use smart and strategic kitchen design ideas or create an illusion of a spacious room.

    As kitchen specialists, we have compiled a list of ideas to help you design a kitchen that looks both organised and spacious.

    Let’s take a look!

    Choose Glass Cabinets for Your Kitchen

    Although it’s robust and long-lasting, a solid cabinet covers the majority of the space and therefore, makes your compact kitchen look packed and messy.

    image of a kitchen with cabinets

    A glass cabinet, however, lets you look beyond those doors and at your kitchen walls, creating the illusion of more space. For those in need of more space, we recommend keeping it simple and picking a classy glass cabinet.

    Select Neutral Tones

    Go monotonous when choosing a colour palette for your cabinetry and kitchen walls to get rid of any visual limitations.

    image of kitchen done in neutral tones hinting on designing your dream kitchen

    Traditionally, pastel colours reflect more light. On top of that, these colours can make the walls of your kitchen seem farther than they actually are which adds to the illusion of being spacious.

    Select Furniture with a Smaller Footprint

    image of a kitchen with minimal furniture

    It should go without saying, but if you’re struggling for space, opt for furniture with smaller footprints, such as narrow tables, smaller benches and slim chairs, as they do not cover as much of your kitchen flooring. Additionally, these knick-knacks offer plenty of space for easy placement and movement.

    Tuck Cabinets and Shelves within the Walls

    image of open shelving tucked in walls

    Another simple yet smart way to make your kitchen look bigger is to tuck your pantry, shelves, and cabinets within the walls. This will not only decrease the number of obstructions in the kitchen area but maintain a harmonious flow as well. You can also keep your crockery and other utensils in one place.

    Clean Lines Can Work Wonders

    image of a kitchen space with clean lines that will help you in designing your dream kitchen

    Huge, ornate cabinets and detailed corbels can store more items and make the space look eloquent, but in reality, they will only make your kitchen look more cramped. It’s best to choose a minimalistic design and tailor your kitchen to give the room a spacious look and feel!

    Select Modular Furnishing

    Add as many modular elements as possible as they are ready-made furniture that can easily be arranged according to the available space. For clean, sleek lines, consider installing a true handleless kitchen in your home.

    image of modern kitchen with minimal furnishing

    Though furnishings for a modular kitchen are compact, they are strong enough to store all your items, effectively. For example, kitchen cabinets will not only allow you to keep your crockery and plates in a systematic manner but also enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal.

    Add Open Shelves

    image of spice jars as a part of open shelves

    Open cabinets or shelves help you eliminate the visual weight while making the kitchen walls visible to the eye. They also make your kitchen appear bigger than usual. Add to that, these open shelves will give your kitchen space a rather classy look!

    Remove Unnecessary Items

    image of a clean and clutter-free kitchen as a part of designing your dream kitchen

    Avoid cramming your kitchen countertops and shelves with items that aren’t required. This will only make the room look unorganised and cluttered. So it’s best to store only those items that are absolutely necessary and help your kitchen stand out.

    Merge the Kitchen Area with Open Space

    This is yet another amazing trick to craft an illusion of a much wider space. When you merge an open space with your kitchen, it works as an extension to the existing cooking space.

    image of a open plan kitchen

    By implementing this trick, you can easily squeeze out more space from your kitchen without people noticing it.

    Go for a Higher Ceiling

    image of a kitchen with high ceiling representing how you can design your dream kitchen

    Of course, it wouldn’t be practical to actually raise the height of your ceiling. However, you can choose cabinets, patterns, and designs that direct people’s gaze upwards. This will make the kitchen ceiling appear bigger and higher further adding to the spacious vibe of the room.

    Add Lots of Lights

    image of a modern kitchen design with tasteful lighting

    Generally, the more lights in your kitchen, the better along with windows that invite plenty of natural light into the room. Whether your kitchen has a pale tone or darker interior, fancy kitchen lights can make the room look more spacious.

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