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    How To Design Your Dream Open Plan Kitchen

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    Kitchen designing needs careful planning and execution. But if you are to design an open plan kitchen, you will be looking at creating an extension or knocking down a wall to make space for an open kitchen layout. Since you have to accommodate your kitchen, dining and living space, you have to be careful with your kitchen planning and design as it is not an easy task. You have to know the basics of designing your dream kitchen to achieve a space that’s both aesthetic and practical.

    For open plan fitted kitchens, you will have to take all the details into consideration right from zoning to create a functional layout that is in alignment with the available space. You also have to consider the budget you have for your new kitchen not to mention onboard a team of kitchen fitters who are right for the job. 

    To help you create a sleek and stylish open plan kitchen with the perfect living space, we have put together some essential tips for you.

    Let’s take a look!

    Create and Differentiate the Zones

    It might seem conflicting to discuss creating separate zones in an open plan kitchen but these are necessary. Your fitted kitchens should have distinct markers to clearly differentiate between your kitchen area, the dining space and the living room. A kitchen island is perfect to make this distinction prominent as the large unit will emphasise where the kitchen ends. At the same time, the open space around that area will connect with the rest of the room with absolute ease. 

    kitchen island successfully differentiating between open plan kitchen and living room

    Just ensure that you keep the space clutter-free and eliminate anything that might block the way. When you think about it, it might hinder conversation in a space that’s supposed to be social. Communicate this to your kitchen manufacturers while giving the whole plan a good thought. 

    Lighting Fixtures

    You have to pay special attention to the lighting in an open plan kitchen. Given the wide-open space, you might end up with dark spots in certain areas of the room. The answer to this is simple but it will take some planning to get it just right. You have to ensure that you take advantage of the natural light you receive in your home. At the same time, install efficient electric lighting in certain areas to make your kitchen space brighter and welcoming. 

    Tasteful lighting fixtures hanging over the dining table as a part of open plan kitchen

    Make the most of your windows and doors to bring in as much natural light in the space as possible. If you have plans to carry out extensive kitchen remodelling, it might do you good to install doors and windows to get more natural light in the space. To get rid of the dark spots, install subtle under-cabinet strips to make your kitchen more inviting. 

    The light fixtures on the ceiling would be responsible to illuminate the rest of the room come evening and night! Consider installing floor lamps for a softer feel. You can also install spotlights especially over your kitchen island or the dining space.

    Kitchen Floors

    At our Northampton design studio, we offer a range of fitted and durable floors suitable for any open plan kitchen that’s easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, the living space of your open kitchen layout could have carpets for a more pleasant and homely feel. Your kitchen space will do good with wood flooring or tiles but the question is – what about the rest of the room? 

    wooden kitchen flooring done simply with a lamp hanging over the table

    Wood flooring or flooring material that resembles wood is a brilliant option for your kitchen floors. It’s warmer and complements the living room space while being hygienic and durable. LVT (a luxury vinyl plank or tile) is a very popular choice due to its hard-wearing properties, warmth underfoot and suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. If you wish to tie the rest of the room well with the flooring, then this is the ideal choice. You can then proceed to place large rugs around the seating space for a soft and aesthetic feel. 

    Also, you can choose to create zones in the space with the help of hard flooring in the kitchen area and using a carpet or another type of flooring in the living room. To ensure this setup doesn’t look odd and out of place, you can place your kitchen units across the seam of the floor. That way, you effectively split the space and create distinct zones. 

    Consider Your Appliances

    With an open plan kitchen design, you have to be more careful with the appliances you choose. One appliance that you most certainly should consider installing in your kitchen is a cooker hood. It is perfect to get rid of steam and strong smells while keeping the room free of any odour and condensation. This will be very helpful if you love cooking with strong flavours and spices. 

    open plan kitchen with appliances on display

    You also need to take into account the noise your appliances will make. While you might successfully conceal the washing machine in the utility room, the dishwasher has to be placed in the kitchen. To avoid disruptions in your get-togethers and dinner parties, consider purchasing appliances with low decibel ratings. 

    Saturn Interiors for Kitchen Remodelling and Installation!

    We will help you create a fantastic and bespoke kitchen design that incorporates all the above essentials for a welcoming social space in your home

    With Saturn kitchens, you could achieve the cooking area of your dreams. We design kitchens predominantly in Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicester and Coventry.

    So, get in touch with us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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