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    5 Features Of Minimalist Kitchen Design You Should Know

    image of a minimalist kitchen design

    Minimalism has been around for more than fifty years and although it is multifaceted, simplicity is at its core. The same is applicable in our homes and kitchen where clean lines and hassle-free design is the go-to choice. The whole point of adopting a minimalistic design in your kitchen is to create a straightforward pattern and outline by choosing simple objects, materials, space and forms. 

    If you wish to introduce a minimalist kitchen design in your home, there are a few things you need to know before you call in kitchen manufacturers and get into planning mode.

    In this piece, we have discussed the five essential features of minimalist kitchen design

    Less is More

    With minimalism, it’s all about keeping things simple. But simplifying kitchen design doesn’t suggest a total abandoning of the essential design elements. Before you start, ensure that you have all the essentials you need for the finished project and nothing more. The whole point is to not give in to temptation and keep yourself from adding unnecessary details and let the design speak for itself. 

    minimalist kitchen design with cabinets and shelves stored with plates and metal jars

    Choose cabinets with sturdy door panels and utilise every nook and cranny for storage. Pick monochromatic hues that will bring out the minimalistic elements in your kitchen. If you have to add colours, choose simple soothing tones that aren’t too loud.

    Clean Lines

    It is essential to keep the design lines in your minimalist kitchen crisp and clean. Sharp corners, hidden handles and hinges along with square edges all add to clear cut lines and angles.

    white splash back tiles with cooking hood and cabinets designed in a clean geometric line

    Minimalist designs lean heavily on the use of rectangles and squares with simple horizontal and vertical lines. So bank on these when selecting tiles and other finishes. Cubes are another trademark of minimalistic design as they highlight the square and rectangular layout in the kitchen space. 


    Perhaps the most important aspect is to keep your kitchen as clutter-free as possible. There has to be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. Opt for clever storage solutions and concealed bins to achieve a clean look that’s devoid of any clutter. As a rule of thumb, minimalism is associated with open and free spaces. But if you are unable to create an airy kitchen design, then try your best to mimic it by keeping the items on your shelves and countertops to a bare minimum. 

    Choose a Prime Focal Palette

    Just because it’s a minimalist design, doesn’t mean you can’t have a focal shade in your kitchen. But it’s important that you choose one dominant texture or colour so as to not weaken the overall effect.

    minimalist kitchen design done in charcoal as the dominant colour

    An eye-catching light fitting over the main kitchen area is another brilliant way to add flavour and personality to your minimalist kitchen space. 

    Material Beauty

    The concept of minimalism is woven around celebrating the raw beauty of materials. For this, choosing the right colour and textures is crucial for the design to stand out in all its glory.

    kitchen with an exposed brick wall

    Using exposed wood or concrete has its own charm as there won’t be the need to furnish the space with anything else. 

    Call Our Professional Northampton Kitchen Retailer 

    Minimalist kitchen designs are sophisticated, sleek and refined. But without proper guidance, you might end up with a space that lacks personality and looks and feels incomplete. With the exceptional input of kitchen manufacturers at Saturn Interiors, you will be able to tread this fine line that too in style! We can help you create your dream minimalist kitchen that stands out. Book your free no-obligation appointment with us today to get started!

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