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    7 Smart Tips To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

    image of home interior showing how to make the most of small spaces

    Organising small spaces can be challenging. With too many objects stored, your space can start looking cramped and cluttered. The key is to strike a balance between the available space and the objects placed within.

    To make a compact space look presentable and well assembled, you will have to heavily rely on smart storage solutions. That way, you can put things away and still have room left for items that you use regularly. Plus, there will be enough space to move around comfortably. 

    However, having a small space meet your expectations at an affordable cost may seem far-fetched. This couldn’t be further from the truth because we can achieve a lot with just a little bit of creativity and imagination.

    In this piece, we will take a look at some smart tips to make the most of a small space.

    1. Use Light Colours to Paint the Walls and Floor

    When we use darker shades to paint a room, these end up absorbing natural light, instead of reflecting it. This makes the room appear smaller than what it actually is. On the other hand, by using lighter shades on both walls and floor, the room creates an illusion of being spacious. So, choose a lighter palette for your home

    2. Put Multi-Purpose Items to Good Use

    Using multi-purpose items in a small space is your best bet. They eliminate the need to have several other options for storing items. If the same item can be repurposed, the need to buy additional units won’t arise. This ultimately helps make more room in a compact space. Using a trunk as a storage unit and as a bench is a classic example.

    3. Put the Hidden Spaces in the Room to Use 

    To take advantage of the limited space in a room, you have to uncover the hidden spaces and put them to good use. For instance, the empty space under the bed can be used to store things. Similarly, you can place a few items on the top of the shelves and the hollow spaces inside furniture pieces. You can also design bespoke kitchen spaces to accommodate more items in the available space. 

    4. Use Single Large Items Instead of Several Tiny Items

    It’s quite common to use several small pieces of furniture to fit in the available space in a room. However, using a single large piece of furniture and getting rid of the tiny ones is more space-efficient. This will make your room appear considerably larger not to mention it will eliminate the cluttered and messy appearance from before.

    5. Add to the Room’s Depth by Leaving Windows Uncovered

    When a room receives more natural light, it gives the space a rather impressive depth.  A simple way to invite more natural light in a space is to leave the windows of the room uncovered. If you are concerned about privacy, using blinds and shades instead of curtains is ideal. You can get more privacy without the cramped appearance with smart use of a small space. 

    6. Try to Make the Small Space Multi-Purpose

    If you are living in a compact space, it doesn’t make sense to have different rooms for different purposes. You will end up using more space than required when you could make better use of the additional room. A clever solution is to make a room multi-purpose. For instance, you could use the same room as a home office and as a library. Another idea is to go for an open plan fitted kitchen so that your compact space serves multiple purposes.

    7. Buy Things that are Absolutely Necessary

    The best way to make a small space appear more spacious and open is to add only those items that are absolutely necessary. The best way to do this is to buy only those essential objects that you can’t do without. This will save you the effort of figuring out which things fit in a room and which don’t. 

    Lastly, Make the Space Unabashedly Yours!

    No matter how limited the available space is, you can find ways to be inventive and have fun with it. By all means, be space-efficient, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Remember you will be living in that space every day so go all out and make it as fun as possible with these smart tips!

    Make the available space work for your lifestyle by making things less complicated! You can visit our showroom in Northampton and Milton Keynes to get an idea about how we can help transform your space for better functionality.

    Get in touch with the team at Saturn Interiors to find out more about our smart storage solutions!

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