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    Keeping Your Kitchen Organised – Here’s How!

    The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important rooms in your home. But if you can barely open your cabinet because it’s filled to the brim, your drawers are full of crumbs and you can’t seem to find everyday necessities day after day then stepping into the kitchen area can be quite frustrating. You need some handy tips that will help you in keeping your kitchen organised so that you can make sense of all the chaos. 

    Now, organising your kitchen can take a bit of time but it will all be worth it. Moreover, you don’t need expensive cabinets or organisation systems to have a fully functional and efficient designer kitchen

    At Saturn Interiors we have plenty of affordable and simple ways to help you implement kitchen organising tips that will make things easier for you.

    Resort to Hanging Your Utensils 

    Hanging your tea towels, aprons and oven mitts is the simplest way to be on top of your kitchen organisation. By hanging these items, you will be able to find them quickly whenever you need them while also freeing up some space in your drawers bringing out the true essence of your interior design!

    Bring in Some Baskets

    Keeping the kitchen organised with baskets, pots and pans

    Baskets are the handiest items that will help you in keeping your kitchen organised. You can sift through the contents of your shelves and arrange them in a manner that makes sense to you while keeping all the clutter at bay. There’s more to baskets than just being a practical storage solution. Their simple and aesthetic look makes them a great design feature in the kitchen area. So, opt for baskets that complement your overall kitchen design.

    Introduce a Lid Rack

    So all your pans and pots are stacked neatly in a corner but what about the lids? Lids are mostly overlooked which is why we end shoving them in the depths of a cupboard. When you need the lids, it can be a nightmare to find the one that actually fits the pot or pan we are using. This is why lid racks are handy and will help you in your quest to be more organised in the kitchen.

    Arrange the Pantry

    a well arranged pantry with all kitchen items are arranged on shelves

    Whether your pantry is assembled in a small freestanding shelf or a kitchen cabinet, or if you have an impressive walk-in pantry, being organised in this particular area is the cornerstone of keeping your kitchen in order. You can simplify things further with the help of clear jars and corral items with labels to easily locate the items stored in the pantry. Use the top shelf to store things that you don’t use often and shift the items of everyday use within your reach.

    Arrange Your Drawers

    Keeping your kitchen organised, clean and clutter-free becomes easier with proper arrangement and division of space in your drawers. Systematically arranging all the utensils in your kitchen along with items like cling film, foil and other essentials in their respective designated spots will make your kitchen highly functional. It will help you to adopt the minimalist kitchen design approach in order to stay organised always.

    Put Hidden Spaces to Use

    keeping kitchen organised with utensils hanging from hooks

    Create extra storage space in your cupboards and the empty sides of your cabinets. You can fix a couple of hooks and hang cleaning cloths and chunky cutting boards in that space. You can also use the space beneath your sink to store sponges and cleaning products. 

    Create a Hamper for Snacks 

    You can have a designated basket or a hamper for snacks which will make it easy for your kids to find their snacks or lunch in the pantry. This way your kids will know exactly where to find their munchies without anything getting lost in the depths of a cabinet. You can also place a small basket in the fridge for cold lunch items, drinks, snacks and fruit. Incorporate elements in your kitchen that make it as kid-friendly as possible.

    Have a Designated Cooking Zone

    Ensure that you store frequently used pots, pans and utensils close to the stove. This way, all the essentials utensils will be within your reach when you are cooking. You won’t have to stop and turn the whole kitchen upside down searching for things you need.

    woman in the kitchen cooking with pots and pans kept on the table

    A kitchen that’s well organised is highly functional. By introducing small changes and by adding clever storage solutions in your kitchens, you can considerably improve your kitchen organisation game! 

    At Saturn Interiors, we help you install kitchens in Milton Keynes and Northampton that are both practical and aesthetic. Get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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