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    Tips to Designing a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

    Designing Kid-Friendly Kitchens

    What motivated you to buy and move into your own home? Were you about to get married or perhaps looking to move in with your partner? The point is that your needs and priorities were most likely different than what they are today as a parent. Now that you have a toddler running around and maybe another on the way, it’s time to make certain kid-friendly changes to your home.

    These changes will give your child enough space to run, play and walk around in, but it will also protect them from spots in the house where they could potentially hurt themselves. One such important spot is your kitchen.

    It’s natural to want to keep your child away from a place that has knives, heavy utensils, sharp cutlery, along with many other sharp or heavy objects that could accidentally cause harm to your child.

    But, by incorporating certain design hacks into your kitchen design, you can actually enjoy your child’s presence in the kitchen and simultaneously prepare your meals, without needing to worry constantly.

    Discussed below are some smart ways to design a kid-friendly kitchen.

    Give them a drawer

    Even if you have limited kitchen space to store your kitchen essentials, you should still locate a tiny spot for your child by allocating them to have their own drawer, probably one located in the bottom most shelf so that your child can easily reach it.

    You can ask them to place their dishes and other utensils that they often use (for their meals) in that drawer. This way, they feel involved and enjoy playing around in the kitchen. This could also help you instil some positive habits into your child, such as setting the table for a meal and putting away dishes afterwards. Children are always intrigued and wanting to do what the adults do, so allowing them to have their own space will help stop them rummaging through other more dangerous areas.

    Make room for a tiny kitchen space

    Make room for a tiny kitchen space

    Your child might be a fan of playing with tiny saucepans, dishes and other utensils. Kids love to play with kitchen sets, which is why they sell out so quickly when Christmas time arrives. To save some space elsewhere in your home, incorporate a child-friendly version into your very own kitchen.

    Let them “cook” alongside you, imitate what you are doing, and you will soon find that you are much more relaxed in your kitchen space.

    A comfortable seating space

    You might have a little space around your kitchen counter where you can create a cosy seating arrangement for your child. This way, you can talk to them even when you are preparing meals.

    If you have limited space in the kitchen, you can always place a child’s table and chair set in your kitchen so that you can keep an eye on them at all times whilst they are in the kitchen.

    For help on how to incorporate comfortable seating into your kitchen, speak with our kitchen design experts as we have designed many a kitchen with this in mind before.

    Redesigning your kitchen to cater for the presence of children should not be a daunting task, but understandably as a parent you will want to ensure it is as safe as can be. Working with kitchen specialists will give you the peace of mind needed, so get in touch with the team at Saturn Interiors today.

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