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    5 Awesome Interior Design Tips for Your Kitchen

    Awesome Interior Design Tips for Your Kitchen

    There are a lot of people that tend to spend a good amount of their time and money on designing their dream home – and perhaps you fall into that category. It’s not surprising really, given that we spend the majority of our spare time within the confines of our home. And when it comes to designing it, the aim is to make it feel less like any old house and more like our home. For a little help along the way, Saturn Interiors have come up with 5 awesome interior design tips for your kitchen.

    It is essential that you make your home a place that reflects your personality and one that makes you feel comfortable and most importantly, happy. This can be challenging, especially if you are combining the tastes of a couple, friends or an entire family. But it’s far from impossible.

    You need to put in a lot of thought while designing each space within your home and it’s always best to take your time designing it first before you take the plunge.

    For instance, speak with your local kitchen designers while planning the layout of your kitchen to make sure you get it perfect. The kitchen is a sacred space within your home and it is usually the most visited room in a house.

    Its design should be carefully planned and executed. You must take its size into consideration, as an overly cluttered kitchen will only stress you out. But you’ll also be surprised what you can do with a small space. If you’re not sure, get in touch with kitchen specialists today to get the kitchen of your dreams.


    1: Combine old and new to pull off the perfect look

    It is essential that the kitchen experts you work with make the space in your kitchen more inviting. But you may already have certain items in your kitchen that you love and don’t want to part with.

    To make the transition smoother, talk with your kitchen designers about which items you’d love to see in the final design so that your kitchen is a mix of some brand new, shiny appliances and a few of your much loved existing ones.

    2: Fill the space with things that portray your personality or tell your story

    Fill the space with things that portray your personality or tell your story

    Speak with your kitchen designer so that they can create a theme around something important to you – it can be anything, whether that’s a great painting that you bought a few years back on your travels, or whether it’s based on a story that embodies your life.

    Whilst kitchens should look smart, clutter-free and most importantly, super clean, there is no reason to not inject a little of your personality into its design, right?

    3: Use neutral tones on larger furniture pieces

    Investing in quality, neutral pieces that will stand the test of time is the best approach to take when designing your brand new kitchen. Trends come and go, but the basic staples of interior design tend to stick around.

    If you are planning on selling your home in a few years – or are designing a new kitchen for that very reason, opting for lighter shades is always a good idea as they appeal to a bigger audience.

    To jazz up your neutral base, you can add colours and elements from trends that are currently “in” – that way you get the best of both worlds.

    4: Pay attention to the lighting

    Pay attention to the lighting

    Your kitchen experts will suggest that you use lighting for highlighting the areas of your kitchen which you’d like to make the centre of attention.

    Popular choices for a centrepiece are kitchen islands and depending on your kitchen size, you can opt for a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling or spotlights that are directed to the focal point of the room. Lighting fitted around your worktops are also a fabulous way to add some light to your kitchen and with the option for multi-coloured lighting, it’s hard to resist!

    5: Allow for storage

    This is a common mistake that many unfortunately make. Imagine – you’ve designed your dream kitchen, it’s finally been built, you go to cook your first meal and then you realise… you haven’t given the apt amount of thought required to storage.

    But don’t worry – the right kitchen specialists will have taken this into consideration right at the very beginning in the early stages of designing your kitchen.

    Saturn Interiors even provide a free consultation and kitchen plan as we are that confident that we can deliver on creating your dream kitchen.

    To get one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with our experienced team today.

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