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5 Stylish And Minimalist Kitchen Designs To Implement In Your Home

Stylish and minimalist kitchen designs are a great idea for every modern home; an open plan kitchen with white glass cabinets and a grey island with brown furniture

Your kitchen serves as a focal point of your home; every family member uses the kitchen daily for some or other activity. From conversations during cooking to socialising during get-togethers, a kitchen is an integral part of every home. This makes having a kitchen design that is comfortable for all your family members (pets too!) […]

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5 Features Of Minimalist Kitchen Design You Should Know

image of a minimalist kitchen design

Minimalism has been around for more than fifty years and although it is multifaceted, simplicity is at its core. The same is applicable in our homes and kitchen where clean lines and hassle-free design is the go-to choice. The whole point of adopting a minimalistic design in your kitchen is to create a straightforward pattern […]

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