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    5 Stylish And Minimalist Kitchen Designs To Implement In Your Home

    Stylish and minimalist kitchen designs are a great idea for every modern home; an open plan kitchen with white glass cabinets and a grey island with brown furniture

    Your kitchen serves as a focal point of your home; every family member uses the kitchen daily for some or other activity. From conversations during cooking to socialising during get-togethers, a kitchen is an integral part of every home.

    This makes having a kitchen design that is comfortable for all your family members (pets too!) important. With developments in designs and the rising popularity of minimalist interiors, kitchen designs have become more modern and sophisticated. 

    From retro designs and Mediterranean kitchens to simple handleless kitchen designs, there are many ideas that use different elements which may take up your kitchen space.

    That said, stylish minimalist kitchen designs uses low-key elements or features to portray a style aesthetic that is pocket-friendly and requires less maintenance.

    At Saturn Interiors, with our vast expertise in fitted kitchen designs and revamping, we’ve put together a list of stylish yet minimalist kitchen designs that are sure to look great in every modern home.

    Without further ado, let’s take a look!

    1. Single-Coloured Open Plan Kitchen

    Open plan kitchen for a stylish and minimalist kitchen design; a white kitchen island with built-in features & cabinets

    Since minimalist kitchens usually emphasise clutter-free surfaces and open spaces, what better way to incorporate this design than by opting for an open-plan kitchen?

    From handleless cabinets to smooth and sleek surfaces, an open plan kitchen can be extremely stylish and is sure to suit every home. Moreover, the single colour you choose can further enhance the minimalist appeal of your kitchen to make it more aesthetic.

    2. Matching Backsplash And Countertops

    Stylish minimalist kitchen designs; matching geometric backsplash with white marble countertops

    Although quite popular in many modern homes, the matching backsplash and countertop combination can work amazingly well in establishing a minimalist design. Whether it is white marble or sleek granite, there are many stylish options available to make the most of minimalist kitchen decor.

    Arguably one of the best minimalist kitchen ideas, backsplash and countertops of similar materials can also create a soothing and calm backdrop in your kitchen which everyone in your family could certainly benefit from.

    3. Built-In Gas Stoves And Smooth Cabinets

    Built-in stove & smooth cabinets for a stylish minimalist kitchen design; kitchen with light grey & black cabinets

    Building on the last point, having marble countertops can keep the surface uniform while maintaining a minimalist design. When it comes to a stovetop, consider integrating a built-in gas stove for a smooth and continuous surface.

    With this, maintenance and kitchen upkeep becomes a lot easier thanks to the enjoined and continuous countertops. Moreover, a built-in gas stove provides a modern and sleek look that is sure to add to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

    Furthermore, to continue this minimalist design, smooth cabinets are the way to go. From the glossy look of marble to an edgy look of polished wood, smooth cabinets are another great idea you could consider to achieve a  clean and sleek look.

    Pro tip: Make sure to match your cabinets and countertops for a better aesthetic appeal.

    4. Monochromatic Kitchen With Statement Decor

    A monochromatic kitchen with statement decor; a light grey and white kitchen with two windows and statement lights

    Another popular minimalist kitchen idea that is seen in many modern homes is a monochromatic kitchen with statement decor. While this may seem a little generic, you can always mix it up with different decor trends and statement pieces.

    While choosing elements for this look, one thing you need to keep in mind is to go for a neutral or subtle colour palette. This way, you can maintain an uninterrupted flow for the ideal minimalist design. Statement decor serves as a great addition of style to the design; it’s sure to create a stunning yet unique space for your kitchen.

    Since minimalist kitchen decor by itself has a variety of options available, you can select something that suits your preferences and can further customise it for a more distinctive look.

    5. Grey Kitchen With Stainless Steel

    Stylish minimalist kitchen designs, Modern grey kitchen- open plan kitchen with grey cabinets, island, chairs & appliances

    If you prefer modern edgy designs, a grey kitchen with stainless steel elements is a design idea you should definitely consider. 

    Sporting a classy urban look, grey kitchens are always visually stunning and can help create a very modern space. Additionally, the incorporation of stainless steel further enhances the design of the overall kitchen. 

    Since stainless steel is easy to maintain, using this for all your elements, appliances and surfaces is a great idea to lessen your kitchen upkeep and maintenance. What’s more, when paired with an all-grey kitchen, this minimalist design is sure to look great in your home.

    Call Saturn Interiors For Stylish Minimalist Kitchen Designs

    While you may have a few ideas about how you want your kitchen to look like, a professional fitted kitchen designer can always help you find the best way to breathe life into it.

    At Saturn Interiors, as experts, we have created stunning kitchen designs which means we have the right knowledge and approach to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

    To get your bespoke stylish minimalist kitchen design, contact us today!

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