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    Kitchen Trends To Follow In 2020

    Whilst current affairs may have put a stop to your kitchen renovation plans, there’s no better time to start thinking about your dream kitchen. With innovative kitchen design ideas popping up, there are several state of the art kitchen trends to follow in 2020. At Saturn kitchen showrooms, we have several ideas on display to help inspire a bespoke kitchen design for your home. 

    So without further ado, let’s take a look at some popular kitchen trends to follow in 2020.

    Two-toned Kitchen Spaces

    In 2020, blended hues are the talk of the town in both homes and kitchens. This popular trend combines two colours throughout the space including the cabinetry. It’s a brilliant way to add an appealing twist to your kitchen design as it is guaranteed to alter the whole feel of the space. Choose units with deep and dark hues to contrast with the brighter colours. This will invite more character and depth into the room.

    The two-toned kitchen trend in 2020 has more to it than just contrast. You will have the freedom to experiment with kitchen worktops and cabinets as you explore varying design elements. You can play with rich textures like sleek laminates, wood grains and matt finishes to create an eye-catching effect.

    Smart Storage Solutions

    Given how minimalism is making its presence felt, it is all about decluttering your kitchen space for a cleaner and more organised look. Given how kitchen areas are prone to have so many things stored, placement of things gains more importance. Right from cooking ingredients and equipment to cabinets and other appliances, there has to be a proper place for everything and everything should be in its designated place. Here, smart and concealed storage solutions will come to your rescue and raise the bar of your kitchen’s aesthetics in a highly organised manner. 

    Choosing Calming Colour Schemes

    Darker shades have dominated kitchen cabinets for a long time but now calming colour schemes for free-standing furniture and walls are slowly becoming the go-to choice. If you are thinking of installing a new kitchen or renovating the existing one, opt for soft and gentle colours. Introducing relaxing shades in your home in 2020 with soft grey, dusky pink and sage green hues will invite a rather rejuvenating feel. 

    Using soft shades will bring a sense of calm even in the most chaotic kitchen spaces.

    Statement Taps

    Without statement taps, our kitchen space tends to look incomplete so in 2020, it’s time to bring them back into the limelight. Industrial-looking taps made of brass with unique handles are eye-catching as they complement the space. To keep the look of the space more streamlined and to maintain consistency, you can pair it up with matching finishes for drawer grips and cupboards.

    Smart Appliances

    In 2020, there is no shortage of new tech and gadgets in our kitchens but that doesn’t mean that we want them to be on display constantly. The appetite for concealed storage and appliances is on the rise as homeowners are analysing the aesthetic appeal and discreetness of the appliances that create a clean-cut space without compromising on the style.

    You can make use of simple cabinetry to hide your dishwasher or your fridge and a concealed station which keeps the toaster and kettle from crowding the worktop.

    Furnishings in the Living Room

    With the increasing popularity of open-plan kitchen space, it’s hardly surprising that furnishings in the living room are the top choice in 2020.  Given the cross-functionality of the space, kitchens have truly become the heart of our homes now more than ever. So, when furnishing your open-plan space, you can take your pick to create comfortable seating and cooking area.

    Industrial Style

    This is perhaps one of the most popular kitchen trends to follow in 2020. The use of raw materials in kitchen design with their rich textures and tones is a resounding success. Most kitchen showrooms will have an industrial setup so that you’ll know what it’ll look like. 

    Industrial kitchen style is all about creating a unique aesthetic look which has garnered extreme popularity over the years, even more so in 2020.

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