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    6 Elements of Kitchen Layout That Actually Work

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    When planning your kitchen layout, there are a few crucial elements that you need to be mindful of. Sure, you may have picked the flooring, appliances, cabinets and colour scheme but the way your kitchen is planned will count for a lot, especially with the way it looks and its overall functionality. 

    So, before you get carried away with all the aesthetic aspects of kitchen design, at Saturn Interiors we have compiled a list of crucial layout details that will make your kitchen design and planning not only successful but also practical.

    Let’s take a look!

    1. Minimise Kitchen Overcrowding and Traffic

    Your kitchen is likely to be an area that receives high foot traffic, which is why the layout has to be designed to accommodate the expected crowd. Consider creating a space right before the entrance into the kitchen, like a mudroom of sorts to rein in the chaos that can engulf a busy household. Once that’s taken care of, ensure that the primary pathway to your kitchen is free from obstructions, for instance, the oven door when its opened or the refrigerator. 

    When it comes to the finer points of kitchen design, our experts are on-call to efficiently plan your space, keeping in mind your bespoke needs. Click here to find out more!

    2. Maintain a Comfortable Distance Between Main Fixtures

    When putting together a plan for your kitchen layout, it’s important to keep in mind the main tasks like meal preparation, cooking, dishing up and cleaning up. You’d want to tie the space together so you carefully plan and position the main fixtures to establish a smooth flow as you move from one task to another. For instance, your sink should be placed right next to the stove and not across the room. 

    Similarly, your fridge shouldn’t be placed too far from the stove to increase workflow around the room. To get an understanding of what your ideal layout should be, visit our kitchen showroom today. 

    3. Ensure Proper Placement of Your Kitchen Island

    Your kitchen island is where your meal prep happens. When it comes to placement, carefully account for how it will be positioned in your kitchen while considering the ease of movement and overall practicality. Ensure that its positioning doesn’t hinder the area in front of the major kitchen appliances like dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators. 

    Leave enough room for the appliance door to properly swing open with enough space to pass by when the doors are open. Ensure that your kitchen island is placed within arm’s reach form each of these key fixtures. 

    4. Start by Placing the Sink First

    When designing your kitchen layout, it’s common practice for kitchen designers to place the sink first and work from there. This practice has evolved from when people spent quite a bit of time scrubbing dishes, and for what it’s worth, it’s a good place to start. Your refrigerator and oven are essential for meal preparation, but the sink seems to be the place where we end up spending a lot of our time. 

    If you have the space, install your kitchen sink on a side with a view, perhaps overlooking the window. Additionally, you can also integrate your sink with your kitchen island to make things more convenient and practical. 

    5. Place the Stove on an Exterior Wall

    When deciding where to place your oven and stove, make sure that you fix them on an exterior wall instead of the island or the interior walls of your home. Doing this will make things less expensive for you as it becomes extremely easy for you to install a proper ventilation system. Book your free-no-obligation with us today to know more!

    6. Take Into Account the Vertical Storage

    While creating enough drawer and cabinet storage is essential, it will do you well to focus more on creating easy-to-use wall storage. Vertical storage walls are great for storing small appliances, baking accessories, spice jars and crockery. You can even fashion a broom closet out of it – all in one nifty location. Incorporate wall hooks, open shelves, overhead pot and wine racks for added convenience. When done right, vertical kitchen storage can add another dimension to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space. 

    Call Saturn Interiors for Professional Kitchen Layout Planning And Designing

    As the leading kitchen suppliers in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes, at Saturn Interiors we pay attention to detail as we design a kitchen that’s highly functional. 

    Give us a call today to seamlessly incorporate all the key elements crucial to kitchen design. You can browse through our gallery for kitchen design ideas, tips, and inspiration

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