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    5 Must-Have Luxury Elements That Are Perfect For Your Kitchen

    Kitchen equipped with luxury elements like stainless steel stove, over-the-range oven, and other essential utensils in the background.

    In modern households, the kitchen is no longer just a space that’s used to whip up culinary feasts. It has become the heart and social hub of every home, where family and friends gather on special occasions to wine and dine together. 

    As far as home renovations are concerned, refurbishing your kitchen could go a long way in sprucing up the overall feel of your home.

    However, with so many elements to choose from, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between practicality and personality. That said, at Saturn Interiors we have put together a list of our must-have luxury elements that can help you design a kitchen that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing.

    Let’s dive in!

    Oversized Kitchen Island

    The unsung hero of almost every kitchen is its island, experiencing all sorts of duress and mess; so why not invest in a high-quality, expansive kitchen worktop and transform your cooking space from lacklustre to lavish?

    With these worktops, you can add a touch of elegance to the entire room while creating additional space for meal preparation and entertaining guests.

    A high-quality marble worktop complimenting the kitchen's neutral colour scheme.

    Try choosing a marble worktop when designing a bespoke kitchen island to compliment the current colour scheme and style of the room as it adds an air of exclusivity to your luxury kitchen.

    What’s more, being a premium quality material, it blends well with other architectural elements of your kitchen while giving it an urbane look.

    If you want to see how a marble worktop can uplift the appearance of your space, visit our kitchen showroom today!

    Modern Appliances

    When it comes to a luxury kitchen, know that it’s all about functionality. To get the most of your freshly refurbished space you need to choose appliances that are in sync with your lifestyle.

    Kitchen equipped with luxury elements like stainless steel 3-door refrigerator,  double ovens, and other essential utensils in the background.

    That said, modern appliances have become synonymous with affluent kitchen designs as they blend seamlessly with your room’s overall aesthetics.

    Moreover, by showcasing appliances like beautiful stainless steel toasters, stovetop, sink, and high-end double ovens in your space, you not only create harmony in your kitchen but also enhance its overall look and feel in real-time.

    Walk-in Pantry

    A walk-in pantry might bring back memories of a country kitchen from the good old days however, the walk-in pantry in a modern kitchen is anything but old-fashioned.

    White ceramic bowls and bottles along with other glassware perfectly arranged on the pantry.

    It is modern, elegant, and one of the must-have luxury elements for your new kitchen. It’s also an ideal space for open shelves and additional cabinets where you can put your colourful dishes on display along with your favourite glassware.

    If you need assistance with designing a walk-in pantry for your kitchen, be sure to speak with professional kitchen fitters at Saturn Interiors.

    Simple Cabinets

    When designing a luxury kitchen, make sure you’re choosing simple cabinetry as it’s a great way to enhance the sleek lines of your space.

    Brown kitchen cabinets enhancing the sleek lines of the kitchen while keeping things organised.

    Instead of selecting ornate cabinets with detailed features, go for an uncluttered, minimalist design like stainless steel, black, or chrome finish. In order to take your streamlined look up a notch, you could even consider installing handleless cabinets.

    Pendant Lights

    To enhance the sleek aesthetics of your luxury kitchen, you can add an extra dose of personality by hanging pendant lights above your worktop.

    Geometric pendant lights placed above the kitchen island along with other stainless steel luxury elements in the background.

    Perhaps you could consider adding industry-style lighting to give your space an edgy feel or simply select a vibrant colour that lifts your kitchen’s neutral colour palette. If it suits your style and decor, why not choose pendant lights featuring exaggerated sizes and geometric shapes?

    Book your free no-obligation with us today to find out more about how you can incorporate pendant lighting in your kitchen.

    Additional Tips to Plan Your Luxury Kitchen Design Project

    A kitchen renovation project isn’t something that can be done on a whim. Since it’s a daunting process, it requires for you to be meticulous with a well-thought plan in place.

    Here are our top 5 tips that you need to consider when refurbishing your kitchen:

    • Define your scope and do a thorough research of your space
    • Understand your budget
    • Know what your limitations are
    • Seek assistance from professionals
    • Have open and honest communication with them

    Contact Saturn Interiors for Professional Kitchen Designing

    If you’re looking for a professional kitchen design company in Northampton, then get in touch with Saturn Interiors today.

    Our kitchen designers will assist you in achieving your dream of designing a lavish kitchen by integrating it seamlessly with luxury elements to match your lifestyle perfectly. For more kitchen designs, inspiration, and tips, browse through our gallery. You can either contact us on 01604 582 835 or book your appointment here!

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