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    Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cabinets – Here’s How

    A modern and elegant kitchen representing the importance of choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets

    A fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen has become a necessity for modern living. This is because we now place more emphasis on not only making them look inviting but also making them easy to work in. 

    However, when it comes to kitchen refurbishment, it’s important to select the right cabinetry since they’re an integral part of the design and can make or break the look of your room. Additionally, with so many colours and styles to select from, choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets could be a little challenging.

    That said, whether you’re looking to design a new kitchen or simply upgrade a few things, here are some of our tips to help you choose the best cabinets.

    1. Consider the Style and Colour Scheme of Your Kitchen

    There are multiple kitchen styles and colour schemes that are appropriate for both conventional and modern kitchens. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose cabinets that complement your kitchen’s interior.

    Sleek kitchen with white and grey cabinets and jars in the background

    Moreover, the doors also need to match the kitchen’s overall style since they’re the most visible part of the cabinet.

    While choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets, you also need to take the available space into consideration. For instance, if you have a compact kitchen then go for cabinets with space-saving technology like carousel corner cabinets. These won’t take much of your space and can be hidden easily behind doors.

    The bottom line- select a style that’s useful and creates harmony in the kitchen!

    2. Choose the Right Material

    There are an array of materials available in the market that can be used for kitchen cabinets. Based on your liking and the kitchen’s design, you could choose from melamine, thermo foil, metal, stainless steel, wood, and more. However, the most preferred option for cabinets is solid wood.

    An open-plan kitchen with brown wooden table in the centre and cabinets in the background

    Regardless of which material you choose, ensure that they’re durable and have a nice finish – after all, kitchen cabinets aren’t something you’ll keep changing every day.

    3. Select the Perfect Design

    When it comes to the style and design of cabinets, you have a lot of options to choose from. Some of the popular cabinet styles include traditional, contemporary, modern, and transitional.

    An all-white kitchen design with round-shaped pendant lights representing the importance of choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets

    If you have a traditional kitchen, then go for shaker cabinets as they help you add an urbane touch to the entire room. What’s more, they’re available in various colours and finishes. However, if you have a modern kitchen, then flat cabinets would be an excellent option.Consider the Aesthetics & Functionality

    4. Consider the Aesthetics & Functionality

    While choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets, you also need to consider its functionality along with the aesthetics.

    Compact kitchen with white and black wooden cabinets, and other essential utensils in the background

    Since kitchen cabinets are used to store various things from cutlery and utensils to other appliances, make sure you’re choosing a cabinet that’s perfect for the type of items you want to store.

    While drawer-style cabinets are perfect for napkins, forks, and spoons, the cupboard-style ones are excellent for crockery, expensive china, and other cutlery.

    5. Choose the Right Hardware

    Cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen, which is why it’s essential to select the perfect hardware. This includes selecting the right hinges, knobs and handles as they determine the durability and quality of the cabinets while giving your kitchen a beautiful and elegant look.

    Sleek silver cabinets equipped with stylish handles representing the importance of choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets

    There are various stylish handles and knobs available in the market, so make sure you choose one that complements your kitchen’s interior.

    6. The Finishing Touches

    The overall look and style of your kitchen rely on the cabinet’s finishing. This means you need to select a finish that uplifts the mood of the room.

    Open-plan kitchen with open shelves, bowls, stovetops, and other utensils in the background

    If you want to give it a natural look, then it’s best to go for solid wooden cabinets. On the other hand, to add a hint of creativity, you can choose cabinets with decorative finishes like crackle, distressing, or glazing.

    If you want a cabinet that’s easy to maintain, then why not choose one with a darker shade? These are much better at hiding dirt as compared to the lighter ones.

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