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    The Ultimate Kitchen Style Guide

    image of women in her kitchen representing kitchen style guide

    There’s so much more to kitchen design than meets the eye. As the heart of the home, it offers so much more than just an area for cooking and dining. In a contemporary home, the kitchen diner is the primary location that serves as living space. 

    With multifunctionality being all the rage, it’s important to choose a kitchen design that resonates with your lifestyle, personal preference and property layout. 

    At Saturn Interiors we are all about designing the perfect kitchen while being inspired by our ultimate kitchen style guide. We know this will add the oomph factor to your renovation project, irrespective of the budget. 

    So let’s dive in!

    The Industrial Kitchen Design

     The industrial kitchen is a favourite amongst people who love a minimalist lifestyle. It is rustic, raw and somewhat factory-like with its workshop like feel.

    image of industrial kitchen with exposed white bricks from our kitchen style guide

    With exposed bricks and reclaimed wood, the industrial design oozes raw textures. Add dark shades, concrete and some metal to this to create a rather intense and undisguised allure. Industrial kitchens are very common in open-plan spaces and conversion properties. 

    You can opt for a clinical and clean look by adding stainless steel appliances to the space or resort to hanging utensils from magnetic wall strips or open shelves to exude a more lived-in ambience. Douse the kitchen area with some exposed lighting chords and mid-century furniture pieces and voila, your industrial look will be complete!

    The Contemporary Kitchen Design

    Another favourite from our kitchen style guide is a contemporary design. It’s all about being suave, stylish and practical. This is why contemporary kitchen designs are free of clutter with a sleek look as they are adorned with reflective surfaces and hassle-free finishes.

    image of contemporary kitchen area

    The storage in the contemporary style is clean cut with handleless cabinets and drawers paired with high-tech gadgets. To bring out the prominence in this kitchen design, consider using a single dominant colour on the splashback or the cabinets using a stark quartz worktop. 

    This will look great in an open-plan living space as you can add handy extensions to get more out of it. Add glazed doors with white spans to create a radiant and airy space ideal for families. The beauty of the contemporary kitchen style is that it works well in a more compact room too!

    The Traditional Kitchen Design

    It wasn’t until the Georgian era that traditional kitchens became popular in homes.

    image of modern kitchen with grey units, white worktops, light wood floor and breakfast bar

    Copper appliances, mantel shelves, full-height larders and over range cookers were all part of the traditional look. With Victorian-styling added to the mix, open storage with free-standing furniture and intricate design gained more popularity. Today, round or drop bronze handles with vintage cabinets add more zest to the traditional kitchen design.

    However, it’s all about experimenting with what you’ve got for the ultimate kitchen style! There is a wide range of designs that go well with the traditional layout. You can pepper the space with modern twists for better functionality. For instance, introduce modern hues with wide steel handles to make a statement. 

    The Shaker Kitchen Design

    The Shaker kitchen originated in New England in the late 18th century. Its design principles are inspired by the high-quality craftsmanship and minimalist lifestyle.

    image of Shaker Kitchen Design

    Thanks to its versatility, this kitchen style has stood the test of time. It seamlessly adapts to the changing kitchen trends while retaining its core design values.

    There are no extravagant details or hassles and the central theme is square-framed doors with panels. It is traditional for Shaker kitchens to have wood finishes and knobs as the painted cabinets help tie the design with the rest of the space.

    Choosing the Best Kitchen Style Guide

    Choosing a kitchen design that aligns with the age and style of your property is a thing of the past. Now, kitchen trends are all about integrating multi-use spaces to get more out of the overall design. 

    This is where our kitchen designers and installers at Saturn Interiors can help you put together a space that’s not only aesthetic but also highly functional! We hope to have our Showroom back open soon, but in the meantime, we are currently offering our FREE design service from the comfort of your home, so get in touch to start planning your dream room.

    Get in touch with us today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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