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    Top Tips To Design The Perfect Transitional Kitchen

    the perfect transitional kitchen, kitchen worktop with round tools and attractive light fixtures

    If you’ve been planning to refurbish your kitchen for some time, then we’re sure you’ve come across the term “transitional kitchen” a thousand times.

    While it’s a well-known term in the design circle, it’s possible that you might be wondering what it means.

    Simply put, a perfect transitional kitchen is a cross between modern and traditional design elements. It basically bridges the gap between these two kitchen designs by including aesthetics from both styles.

    Additionally, when we talk about designing a transitional kitchen, it means curating a space that’s not only simple, warm and inviting but also classy and elegant.

    With that in mind, the kitchen designers at Saturn Interiors have put together our top 5 tips to help build the perfect transitional kitchen!

    Integrate a Mix of Manufactured and Natural Elements

    This is perhaps the cornerstone of designing a transitional kitchen, as it often features steel, stone, marble, glass or wood all in one space.

    woman prepping for a meal atop a marble kitchen worktop

    That said, you could go for concrete flooring, some plants to add a bit of green, stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets in your space to not only design the perfect transitional kitchen but also to create harmony in the entire room.

    To find out more about how you can integrate natural elements in your kitchen, click here!

    Choose a Neutral Colour Palette

    When it comes to transitional kitchens, the best way to go about it would be to choose a neutral colour palette with varying hues. For example, your kitchen could feature various shades of brown in the cabinetry, furnishings, flooring and island.

    sleek kitchen done in neutral tones, oven and small table with two wooden chairs

    If you’re among those who want to give your kitchen a timeless and sophisticated look, then you should choose neutral tones to highlight other elements in your kitchen.

    Find some useful tips about choosing the perfect colour palette by clicking here!

    Add a Lot of Texture

    Although a transitional kitchen is often subtle especially when it comes to its colour scheme, it doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. In fact, a transitional kitchen is full of delightful textures. 

    combination of blue and white tiles creating and attractive texture in the kitchen space, wooden cabinets with dishes on display

    From compelling kitchen tiles to rough or polished stone that adds to the aesthetic of your room, there’s a lot you can experiment with as you have fun with textures.

    For thorough and professional advice on designing the perfect transitional kitchen, you can book your free no-obligation appointment today!

    Go for a Minimalist Cabinetry

    In a transitional kitchen, cabinets always tend to have a low profile meaning there won’t be any elaborate hardware or complex carving on them.

    white kitchen cabinets done in a minimalist manner, red crockery for the perfect transitional kitchen

    Additionally, it is the material that keeps it from looking very modern. That said, usually, wooden cabinets are used instead of lacquer or glass in order to maintain the transitional tone in your kitchen space.

    For instance, you could choose minimalist cabinetry made of rich, warm wood featuring a recessed handle. This way, you can create an uncluttered look in your kitchen while still adding an alluring effect.

    Blend the Old and New

    This, in the broadest sense, is the very definition of designing the perfect transitional kitchen.

    kitchen with floor to ceiling glass windows, a huge granite worktop with plants placed around the space

    By borrowing the reference styles or elements from the past and blending them with modern features, you can create something that’s both fresh and new. What’s more, you get to decide how you’d like to mix and match the old and the new so that your kitchen truly expresses your personality and tastes, and the way you live!

    It’s all about creating seamless harmony between the modern and the traditional with the end result being one that you are proud of.

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