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    The Ultimate Kitchen Redesign Checklist

    Liz Wootton Kitchen Island with white worktops, white floor and white units

    When you’re looking at making improvements in your kitchen it’s important to look at the project as a whole. Studies have shown that a kitchen redesign can add between five and fifteen per cent onto the value of your home. Additionally, Nationwide Building Society suggests spending a proportionate amount on your new kitchen in relation to the value of your home – for example, a house worth £500,000 would need a bigger investment in a kitchen remodelling than one worth £250,0000.

    wood kitchen vintage design home style

    Projects can be stressful, especially if you’re not prepared in advance. Therefore, planning can help alleviate problems before they start. With over thirty-five years of trade experience, we’ve managed to pick up a trick or two to make sure you start your kitchen redesign ahead of the game!


    Finance Options for Kitchens
    Make sure that you set a realistic budget for your dream kitchen

    Agree a Budget For Your Project

    It’s important when you look at any home renovations that you aim for a design that manages to adhere to the aesthetic you are after as well as making sure that it is something that is affordable. There are sometimes ways you can achieve the look you want without having to go over your budget, as a general rule you should always allow a buffer of 20% on your budget in case the project runs into unforeseen issues or additional costs.

    Decide on the Style Foremost

    Rustic And Country Kitchen Design
    Rustic and Country are just two of the differing styles available

    There are a variety of styles available for kitchens ranging from hyper-modern to traditional, and also in a multitude of materials and aesthetics. You should also consider how and what you use your kitchen for. Is it a place for meal-time prep, a meeting place for all the family, or a second lounge?


    Inspiration can take hold at any moment. You might spot a worktop you fall in love with in a magazine or a layout in a film that you want to include in your dream kitchen. Taking photos, making notes, and storing them in a central place (Pinterest can become your best friend here) can make your planning more streamlined and cut down on the time needed when working with your chosen contractor to make your dream kitchen a reality.

    Factor in Appliances

    Kitchen Appliances you must have - Saturn Interiors
    Connected appliances are just one way you can add a flourish to your kitchen

    Kitchen renovations don’t just have to include the worktops or the doors. You might have purchased a home where the previous owners had an oven fitted into their cabinets that you’ve always wanted to change.  Your contractor can help you with appliances for cooking, refrigeration, laundry, and a host of other options.


    By this time you should be in a good position to know what your dream kitchen will look like and what the main functions it needs to cater for are. Next, you might need to look at what areas are vital, which are important, and which would be nice to have. This will make it easier for you to finalise the vision for your kitchen and ensure that the finished article reflects your needs and lifestyle.

    Factor in an Interim Kitchen Alternative

    Depending on the scale of the job at hand, kitchen refits can range from a week to over a month. Make sure that you don’t inconvenience yourselves while the job is ongoing by making sure you realise this and making plans for alternative means to compensate for this.

    Choosing a Company

    Do Your Research When Hiring Professionals

    There are a variety of ways you can find out about companies you are considering hiring. Word of mouth is still the best way you can identify potential contractors but there are many online review sites that can let you read reviews that aren’t just cherry-picked to suit their own needs.

    Use Online Review Sites and Conduct Your Own Searches

    Most companies should have a Google listing built into their search results, this is a good starting point to get an idea of how reputable a company might be. From there you can find sites such as Yell, Yelp, or other online sites which should give you a more complete picture of a business.

    Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

    When speaking to prospective companies it is worth asking about their credentials and also their insurance. This will allow you to not just establish how qualified they are to carry out the job but also will mean that you can safeguard against any risk attached to the project.

    Try to Ensure They Offer Full Project Management

    By choosing a company that offers a 360 approach to project management it gives you peace of mind that the entire redesign can be handled from the first line on the design plan to the last lick of paint.


    Agree Your Vision and Design With Your Kitchen Designer

    True Handleless Kitchen Design Plan

    Once you’ve agreed to work with a company it’s a good idea to sit down with their designer to help to mock up the plans for your kitchen. They will be able to advise on what is feasible within your kitchen space as well as being able to advise on the layout and overall aesthetic of the project.

    Make Sure You get to See a Visual Mock-Up Alongside a Traditional Design Plan

    Seeing is believing as the old saying goes. There are plenty of CAD (computer-aided design) tools available that allow companies to show their clients how the finished project will look. It also allows you to be able to see features that might not look how you originally envisioned them and this gives you an opportunity to course-correct before Day One.

    Ask About the Details

    The devil is in the detail, and your kitchen is no exception. It’s important to ask about the minute details that make up your kitchen so that you can be happy with the project from the most striking feature to the smallest component.

    Check the Contract

    A Detailed Description of the Project

    The agreement with your chosen company should spell out exactly what work they will carry out both in the kitchen redesign and also, any additional work that may be needed such as plastering or remodelling should also be specified in the agreement between the two parties.

    Materials Used

    White Kitchen with Worktops

    By listing the materials they intend to use you know what to expect in terms of quality, finish, and price.  If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on the look, if you choose alternative products for example a high quality laminate as opposed to quartz, then savings can be made. Additionally, it should be transparent where the money you are committing to the project is going.

    Appliance Brand Names

    CDA wc600 Dishwasher Grey
    CDA WC600 Dishwasher

    There are a host of brand names in the appliance market from Bosh to Neff to CDA. You should be able to discuss these with your chosen vendor and find out details such as warranties without an issue.

    Payment Schedule and Amounts

    All companies have their preferred method of payment. Deposit percentages will vary from supplier to supplier but both sides benefit from knowing the cost of each stage before the contract is signed.

    All Warranties Attached to the Project

    Most reputable companies will offer warranties as part of their service. At the very least, there should be a stipulation that they will ‘make good’ on any snagging issues after the project is completed. Transparency is essential to a good working relationship and if it appears that this is not evident within the contract it is prudent to tread with caution.

    During Construction

    Simon Bowen - Saturn Interiors Kitchen Fitter

    Ensure You Have an Alternative Set-Up for a Kitchen

    Saturn Interiors - Kitchen Gadgets

    As noted above, the ideal kitchen project will provide maximum effect on your lifestyle and the aesthetic with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life while it is under construction. Being able to plan around this, especially with the activity that would be taking place in the kitchen, is key to a painless job. Make sure you understand the disruption that you may incur when looking at the projected timeframes and allow yourselves ways to avoid inconvenience.

    Allow Space for Your Contractor’s Vehicle

    Saturn Interiors - Tony Roodt and Ben Bowen

    This tip seems trivial but can save no end of stress and upheaval to your daily routine. If you make sure that your drive or road has space for the company’s vehicles it means less time wasted throughout the project in efforts that have no bearing on your kitchen project.

    It might seem that there is a lot of planning that goes into your kitchen redesign project and there is. However, when you see your dreams realised. If you do decide to go with Saturn Interiors we can assure you that we’ll be there at every step of the way to make sure your kitchen becomes the talking point of your home.

    Saturn Interiors offer professional, friendly advice and a FREE design and planning service, so what have you got to lose? Book an appointment today and start planning your dream kitchen or bedroom with the Saturn Interiors Team.

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