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    7 Artful Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

    ways to revamp your kitchen, kitchen with potted plant and other utensils on the worktop

    Given the impending lockdown, we’re sure you might be hesitant to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on designing a brand-new kitchen. However, if you’re still thinking of a makeover, then there are many artful ways to revamp your kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket!

    With that in mind, the designers at Saturn Interiors have put together a list of ideas to help you give your kitchen that much needed style lift.

    Let’s take a look!

    Upgrade Your Lighting

    Standard lighting in most homes is quite uniform. Why not mix it up a bit instead and go for pendants and chandeliers?

    ways to revamp your kitchen, pendant lighting hanged on top of the kitchen worktop

    These lights are not only ideal to change the mood of your room but also a great way to revamp your kitchen and make it look tasteful and sophisticated. 

    If you’re not sure which type of lighting would be perfect for your kitchen, then contact our kitchen installers for a second opinion, today!

    Go for a Lighter Hue

    white kitchen with potted plant and coffee maker placed on the worktop

    A lighter shade on your cabinets and kitchen walls can immediately brighten up the entire room and make it look both spacious and expensive. What’s more, a lighter colour palette can easily reflect sun rays and conceal those dings, dents and scratches on your cabinets.

    Hang Artwork

    While hanging an artwork is an excellent way to elevate the feel of any room in your home, it can do the same for your kitchen too.

    ways to revamp your kitchen, artwork along with a small potted plant placed on the kitchen worktop

    Don’t stop yourself from going for something big and bold – it’ll help you create an illusion of a spacious room. Artwork is a great choice for tenants too, as you don’t have the freedom to completely change the look of your kitchen.

    Paint the Existing Kitchen Appliances Stainless Steel

    Adding stainless steel appliances is also one of the best ways to revamp your kitchen.

    kitchen with stainless steel appliances like toaster, microwave oven and refrigerator

    However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have them – simply paint your existing appliances using a paint-on stainless steel finish and there you have it! Just make sure you’re purchasing the right paint based on your appliance and its usage, as this liquid is available in different types.

    To find out more about how appliances can help you make your kitchen look sophisticated, you can speak with a professional installer at Saturn Interiors.

    Hide Your Smaller Appliances

    Nothing can bring down your kitchen more than clutter.

    ways to revamp your kitchen, toaster over placed below white kitchen cabinets

    That said, it’s best to keep the worktop of your kitchen clean by hiding smaller appliances like blenders, coffee pots and toasters. Since these are small and compact, it’s easy for you to take them out whenever required while maintaining a neat and tidy look throughout.

    Clear the Door of Your Fridge

    Don’t get us wrong – we too love adding photos of our families, friends and pets on the fridge. However, when the door is plastered with magnets, to-do lists, pictures and takeaway menus it looks cluttered and chaotic.

    small kitchen space with stainless steel oven, toaster and fridge

    If you’re someone who isn’t a big fan of a clean fridge door, then you could add a few of your favourite pieces but in a streamlined way.

    Store or toss away the rest of it!

    Add Potted Plants

    To add a hint of freshness in the space, why not place natural elements like potted plants or flowers in your kitchen? That way, you can give your kitchen area an authentic and organic feel.

    ways to revamp your kitchenl, potted plants along with wine glasses, bowls and jars placed on an open cabinet

    If you want, you could place herbs at your kitchen’s windowsill. That way, you can add fresh flavours and spices in your meals.

    For more ideas on how you can integrate natural elements in your kitchen to make it look expensive, click here!

    Contact Saturn Interiors to Give your Kitchen a Makeover

    If you’re looking for ways to revamp your kitchen and breathe new life into it, then get in touch with the professional installers at Saturn Interiors today.

    Our kitchen designers will work with you to give your kitchen a style lift and also make sure that it’s not only functional but also looks aesthetically pleasing!

    For more design inspiration, you can either browse through our gallery or book a free no-obligation appointment!

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