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    5 Kitchen Appliance Trends You Can’t Miss Out In 2021

    Kitchens, in terms of design, have undeniably evolved over the years. It is therefore not uncommon that while remodelling the house, the majority of the work revolves around setting up your kitchen for functionality and ease. For this reason, At Saturn Interiors, we have made sure we are always up-to-date with the latest trends to deliver bespoke modern kitchen designs to you. 

    It is also to be noted that a kitchen design becomes modern because of its interiors, colours and other elements. One of the important elements being kitchen appliances, you should make sure you are well versed with the kitchen appliance trends 2021 – the ones that have changed drastically to match the progress in technology. 

    For your assistance, we have curated a list of appliance trends in 2021 to match your current elements to what is trending

    Let’s dive right in! 

    1. A Steam Oven 

    Over the years, ovens have had their share of changes in terms of designs, functionality and overall look but now, you have something known as a steam oven at your disposal. 

    This appliance is as simple as it sounds but the results are going to leave you speechless. Speechless because they can add three different levels of moisture to your cooking process to preserve the juices of your meat, deliver fluffy cakes and vegetables that taste delicious. 

    Moreover, for the health-conscious ones amongst you, using steam as a method to cook locks in food’s nutrients while keeping intact its true deliciousness. 

    2. Barista Coffee Machines 

    Barista style coffee is a rather luxurious addition to your routine, which will be enjoyed by both coffee and tea drinkers. This appliance is a must if you want to upgrade your living standards and impress your guests with your hospitality. 

    Modern coffee machines, for your convenience, come equipped with built-in and freestanding models, delivering exceptional coffee choices. Some of these versions offer high performing grinders and sensor technology to curate perfect temperature coffee and pressure that extracts maximum flavour. 

    3. Quooker Taps

    Quooker taps are relatively older than other trending appliances but their potential has come to light just recently. These taps potentially save energy and keep your worktops safe and clutter-free at the same time. 

    The newer versions of this technology have more to offer, which increases the taps functionality by producing filtered, chilled, sparkling and hot water – all with one touch of a button. 

    4. Smart Kitchen Appliances

    The growing technologies have made everything smarter and your kitchen appliances are no exception! Smart internet-enabled appliances have taken over modern kitchens, meaning you can make the most of the ease these additions will bring to the table. 

    From washing machines to refrigerators, smart technology is making people’s lives easier via an app. Kitchen appliances can now be controlled easily by an app on your phone while also offering multiple features facilitated by your home’s Wi-Fi. 

    For instance, if you are on your way home from work, you can instruct your air conditioner to start cooling your house or you can set your oven to preheat for your dinner preparations. 

    5. Appliances With Touch and Voice Control

    Technology, at the end of the day, can be overwhelming because it offers various functionalities and types to choose from. 

    This has become the base for introducing touch and voice control in the existing technology, to simplify and cater to your specific needs and combinations. For instance, you can simply instruct your induction cooktop to adjust temperatures according to the food that is cooking. 

    With voice and touch controls, kitchen appliances become simple, thanks to intuitive functionality. This helps speed up your cooking without compromising on the taste or your health. 

    Get in Touch With Saturn Interiors To Order Your Kitchen Appliances

    We, as an expert design team, believe in keeping up with the trends for our customers so that they do not face any dull moments in their routine. With this thought, we have a variety of kitchen appliances that stand the test of time and deliver functionality in their true essence.

    Modern appliances complement your kitchen only if it has a similar modern feel. Although, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with integrating a few traditional elements in your kitchen space as per your preferences.To get a quick quote, contactSaturn Interiors on 01604 582835 today!

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