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7 Best Countertop Design Ideas For The Modern Home

Countertop design ideas; an off-white kitchen featuring industrial lighting and steel kettle in the background

With so many amazing kitchen countertop options (from raw wood and concrete to zinc) available on the market, by the time you reach the end of this blog, you’ll already be rethinking your kitchen goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for countertop design ideas that are stain resistant and practical or something so luxe that it’s outrageous, our kitchen designers at Saturn Interiors have you covered. We’ve obviously included some marble options too; after all, some dreams never die!

Let’s take a look!

1. Stainless Steel Countertop; For the All-Round Chef!

Countertop design ideas; kid preparing food in a black pot in a commercial kitchen

When it comes to kitchen countertop decor ideas, stainless steel has seen an upward trend – thanks to all the “foodies” duplicating this restaurant-quality countertop in their own kitchens.

Bringing countless benefits to the table, this kitchen countertop is rust, burn and stain-resistant, meaning you can keep trying new dishes in your kitchen. 

What’s more, given its upscale and reflective atmosphere these countertops are an excellent way to add more character to your kitchen while impressing your relatives and friends.

2. Modular Granite Countertop; A DIY Dream for Homeowners

An all-white kitchen featuring a modular granite countertop and white cabinets

Although slightly smaller than the slab granite and bigger than a tile one, adding a modular granite countertop in your kitchen is an incredible compromise for enterprising DIYers.

Not only is this super-sized granite countertop an excellent way to hide those annoying seams you get with conventional alternatives, but also a great way to recreate a solid surface countertop without shelling out too much money. Moreover, it has a fairly easy installation process and aims to duplicate the style of slab granite.

3. Quartz Countertop; A Strong Choice

Countertop design ideas; modern kitchen featuring white cabinets and lots of produce on the countertop

Implying a shimmering kind of kitchen countertop material, quartz is full of silver and golden flecks. It’s also a feel good industry term for a countertop made from engineered stone like Caesarstone.

Since these countertop design ideas are curated using a combination of polymer binding agents, crushed quartz and other stone, they look better than granite.

4. Polyester Countertop; A Conversation Starter

Polyester countertop with a toaster, coffee maker and small jars placed on it

Yes, you read that right!

Along with acrylic and aluminium, there are modern kitchen countertops made of polyester. Since it’s non-porous on the surface, there’s no need for you to seal it. However, you’ll have to seal its edges because cutting those will only end up exposing the pores.

If you’re among those who love a high gloss finish, then a polyester kitchen countertop won’t disappoint!

5. Reclaimed Wood Countertop; Go Green!

Countertop design ideas; modern kitchen design featuring wooden countertop

One of the most popular countertop design ideas, kitchen countertops made of reclaimed wood are the perfect choice for people wanting to design a sustainable kitchen.

Also known as salvaged or recycled wood, these are reclaimed from commercial properties and old barns and then converted into a sturdy kitchen countertop. Not only does it verify your ‘green’ credentials but also helps you bring the outdoors in.

6. Concrete Countertop; As Solid As A Rock

A well lit kitchen with white and blue cabinets, and stainless steel tap and oven.

Are you looking for kitchen countertop trends that are not only contemporary and high end but also a little outside the box?

A concrete countertop is precisely what your kitchen needs!

These countertop options allow for a truly infinite array of design possibilities, including size, colour, thickness and more. Not only that, concrete countertops are also considered to be the only material that can easily adapt to your current kitchen design rather than being the other way around.

7. Zinc Countertop; One Of Its Kind

Countertop design ideas; zinc kitchen countertop with white cabinets

Similar to stainless steel kitchen countertops, even zinc ones come with a very thin layer of metal wrapped over its base. However, rather than stainless steel, the metal in this countertop is zinc itself.

The best part about these countertops is that it offers your kitchen an incredibly unique look.

While it has the tendency to develop a patina of hairline scratches over time (you can keep it if you love them, of course!), you can simply sand the scratches to get rid of them.

Contact Saturn Interiors for Top Quality Countertop Design Ideas

While these were our top seven kitchen countertop decor ideas, we have more such options for you to choose from.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to discuss your countertop redesign ideas or overall kitchen refurbishment, our professional kitchen installers have got you covered.

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