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    5 Simple Tips to Update Your Kitchen Design

    Update your kitchen design, A modern kitchen with simple design updates that make it more appealing.

    With lockdown in full flow, you might have started spending more time in your kitchen, trying out new recipes and cuisines. This might get your attention towards the possible need of revamping your kitchen design, giving it a bit of a makeover for a newer, fresher look.  Sure you may have a few ideas, but if you are a little lost as to where to start, you’ve come to the right place 

    At Saturn Interiors, we have a whole team of kitchen specialists who can come to your aid! Here are a few tips you could follow to update your kitchen design and make it look new.

    Let’s begin!

    1. Reuse Old to Create New

    Upcycling has become a popular trend amongst homeowners and kitchen designers alike. While being environmentally-friendly, it also transforms something you own into something new. You could revamp your kitchen cabinets for a start. Simply adding a fresh coat of paint to your old cabinets could make them more aesthetically appealing. 

    Hanging a piece of artwork on your kitchen wall, using old jars as pots for plants are other great ideas you could try out. 

    2. Switch Up Your Furniture and Shelves

    Why not try mixing things with your furniture and shelves? Once they reopen, flea markets and vintage shops are great places to find those rare chairs and tables which could be exactly what your kitchen needs. You could team your new finds with something decorative like rugs, table pieces or plants, to make it look more inviting.

    Customising your cabinets with extra shelves could not only add to your storage area, but it could also help you organise your appliances better. 

    3. Change the Surfaces

    The floor, countertops and your wall – all these surfaces can be revamped to update your kitchen design. You could change your kitchen tiles for something new, a different texture perhaps. If you have the option of splurging, you could use marble as a material for your countertops to give it that classic, sophisticated look. 

    Wallpapers instead of paint is another idea you could explore. Based on the style you prefer, a wallpaper can transform your kitchen.

    4. Go Green With A Small Kitchen Garden 

    If you have a green thumb or wish to develop one, making a small herb garden in your kitchen is an interesting idea that you could try out. Nothing beats plucking fresh herbs for cooking out of your very own garden.

    A herb garden adds a touch of green to your cooking area and could be built on your kitchen window or on old wooden panels fitted into your kitchen walls. You could expand your herb garden by adding in flowering plants for a better look.

    5. Change Your Colour Scheme

    A simple change in colour scheme could help update your kitchen design. You could try the classic white look or could use shades of grey to make it more modern. Bold colours like red and blue could help convert your old design into a statement kitchen

    You may not necessarily redo the paint on all the walls, even refurbishing one wall with a fresh coat of paint will do the trick.

    Contact Saturn Interiors for Professional Kitchen Designing

    Incorporating these suggestions could help update your kitchen and make it more interesting. But if you want to go further, Saturn Interiors can help you create the look you want.

    We are a professional kitchen designing company in Northampton that helps you design, plan, and redecorate your kitchen. With our eye for detail, our professional team provides you with the best ideas that suit your needs and requirements. Browse through our gallery for ideas and tips.

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