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    Traditional Kitchens Vs Modern Kitchens – Which One’s Right For You

    As a homeowner, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is choosing the right kitchen style and design for your home! This decision becomes even more emphasised and pronounced when you factor in that your kitchen is at the core of your home and its overall functionality.

    To strike the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics, a great deal of thought should be given to the end result of your kitchen’s remodelling and redesign. This should be done in a way that aligns with your family’s lifestyle, while also factoring in your personal preferences. 

    The most common question that customers looking for a kitchen installation or revamp ask us is this – traditional kitchens vs modern kitchens, which one’s better and what do we choose?

    To answer the question once and for all, at Saturn Interiors, we’ve put together this brief guide explaining the key differences between modern and traditional kitchens. 

    This will certainly help make your decision making process easier. So, without further ado, let’s find out what each type of kitchen style has in store for you!

    Traditional Kitchens Explained

    With its muted and pale colour palette, traditional kitchens, as a rule of thumb, were designed to be more warm, welcoming and homely. 

    With a traditionally designed kitchen, timeless features and instances of classic design elements are more evident. Here, shaker style kitchens are more common than ever as a lot of its features make an appearance in several aesthetic and functional facets. 

    Traditional kitchen designs are tailored to stand the test of time. A traditional kitchen designed with proper attention to detail will continue looking regal and charming for years to come!

    Book a free kitchen consultation with us or visit our kitchen showroom to see what we are talking about. 

    Modern Kitchens Explained

    Looking for a minimalist kitchen design, with clean cut lines and sleek and sophisticated features? Look no further than our range of contemporary kitchen styles! When compared to the restricted colour palette of traditional kitchens, modern kitchen designs are more flexible as you have the room to be much bolder with your choice of radiant hues, decor and other kitchen units.

    Modern kitchens are the epitome of functionality and since consumer technology plays an important role in dictating your kitchen’s layout and design, ensure that you work with kitchen experts to make it as efficient and fluid as possible. 

    Smart, integrated appliances are common in contemporary kitchens. Since making the most of the available space lies at the heart of a modern kitchen style, you can make the most of built-in appliances to achieve the ultra modern look in your home!

    Traditional Kitchens Vs Modern Kitchens – The Ultimate Face Off

    Choice of Material

    Wood is a commonly used material in traditional kitchens whereas, in modern kitchens, it hardly makes an appearance. Fancy laminates, PVC, stainless steel and aluminium are more common in contemporary style kitchens.

    Space Efficiency

    Traditional kitchens tend to make use of more bulky elements which cast their own charm over your home. However, if you wish to achieve maximum space efficiency, then modern kitchens are more suitable as they’ve somewhat left behind the entire concept of cabinets and are instead choosing open shelving. 

    Built In Elements

    When you have integrated elements in your modern kitchen, you can easily achieve an uncluttered and uninterrupted look with clean lines running throughout your kitchen space. Your kitchen cabinets, other units and appliances can achieve a nice handleless look as you steer clear of ornate and panelled handles that are quite common in traditional kitchens. 

    Choose the Right Kitchen with Expert Kitchen Installers at Saturn Interiors

    When it comes to designing the ideal kitchen you want, anything is possible! Even if you stay in a period home but wish to have a modern kitchen installed, at Saturn Interiors, we can make that happen!

    Perhaps you wish for a more traditional look but with the latest appliances and integrations to tie it all together? Well, that can be arranged too!

    At Saturn Interiors, our bespoke kitchen design services work with your idea of a dream kitchen to create the perfect layout and design, one that factors in all your requirements tastefully

    Our vast experience over the years has enabled and equipped us with the expertise to plan the perfect kitchen for you! Visit our showroom for a better understanding of the design process or get in touch with us today to find out more!

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