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    3 Vintage Additions To Enhance Every Kitchen Design

    vintage features for your kitchen; a warm colored rustic kitchen

    The kitchen is a space that brings everyone in the family closer together. For the sentimental space that it is, you have to make sure that it looks aesthetic and pleasing. 

    While you can simply play around with elements like colours and style, to revamp and add more depth in your cooking area, it’s important that you strive to maintain a unique balance. You can do this by including vintage features for your kitchen along with modern kitchen elements in the space.

    If you’re on the lookout for kitchen design ideas that are unique, then adding elements of vintage decor to your modern kitchen is one of the best solutions!

    If planned correctly, the very thought of blending modern features with vintage characteristics for your kitchen can be a huge success. For this, you need to take a lot of elements into consideration; think lights, colour palettes, shapes and textures. You can easily give your cooking area a vintage kitchen look if you strike the right balance and harmony between all these aspects. 

    At Saturn Interiors, we have compiled a list of vintage features for your kitchen that will help you redecorate and redesign a brand new kitchen space. 

    Let’s take a look!

    1. Experiment with Your Kitchen Island

    a wood kitchen island with stylish pendant lights

    Your kitchen island plays a key role in dictating and dominating the interior of your kitchen.

    Put simply, your kitchen island is the centrepiece of the room and that’s what determines the mood of the entire space around it. This means, if you fiddle with its appearance and play a little with its material, you can easily create a vintage mood for your entire kitchen.

    For example, you could consider adding an island top with a wooden finish while keeping everything else painted black. Adding barley twisted legs underneath the island is another option you can look at to integrate that rustic kitchen look. 

    However, during this revamping project, make sure that the height of the kitchen island matches the kitchen counter. In doing so, you can ensure that you use the kitchen practically.

    2. Choose The Correct Lighting

    stylish rustic pendant lights over a dining table

    A simple yet classy way to add a vintage feel to your kitchen is by introducing the correct lights in the space. 

    For instance, if you add one chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, it will impactfully change the overall look. Similarly, light fixtures with ceramic covering and vintage paintings can also help brighten up your kitchen while giving it a classic look.

    Additionally, you could also consider hanging a timeless retro-style pendant lighting above the countertop to add a unique style to your kitchen. 

    To find out more about how you can choose the correct lighting for your kitchen, contact our team today!

    3. Go for Printed Wallpapers 

    vintage features for your kitchen; a wood designed backsplash with a wooden shelf over a kitchen sink

    Fabrics and wallpapers are often overlooked while designing a modern kitchen. Although, when it comes to setting up the overall mood, it’s to be noted that these elements contribute the most. 

    This means, if chosen correctly, the prints on the wallpaper can act as a vintage feature for your kitchen. 

    Furthermore, the paintings and frames that complement this wallpaper can be the old school kind to brighten up the entire space in no time!

    To Sum Up

    Your kitchen area determines the entire mood of your home. 

    That said, encouraging the thought of a traditional approach, adding vintage features to your present design (with a touch of modern, timeless designs, of course!) will work wonders for you. 

    These simple yet impactful changes will remind you of old times.

    By adding these features to your kitchen, you would not want to leave that space.  The core objective of tiresome cooking will be instantly converted into one of those exciting activities that you look forward to!

    Contact Saturn Interiors for Vintage Kitchen Designing

    At Saturn Interiors, we strive to optimise our customer’s trouble and provide a wide range of modern kitchen design solutions. We also understand the importance of customisation and try our best to match your demands.

    To get a workable solution for your kitchen customisations, call the kitchen experts at Saturn on 01604 582 835 today!

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