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    5 Modern Kitchen Designs For Your Home

    modern kitchen designs, open plan kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances

    For 2021, our humble kitchen is reinventing itself!

    Today, our modern kitchen is not just a place where we prepare and enjoy our meals; in fact, it has also become a social venue (albeit through Zoom calls), classroom, restaurant, office and much more.

    Now more than ever, every square inch of our kitchen needs to work harder and the space needs to do a whole lot more. This is where our fitted kitchen designers aim to help make your life easier. They help you build a statement kitchen that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

    To give you the inspiration you need, here we’ve put together our top 5 modern kitchen designs that are perfect for every home.

    1. The Green Kitchen

    This year, it’s all about the colour green when it comes to designing a modern kitchen.

    While sage greens can help design a contemporary kitchen, stronger traditional tones such as forest green can enrich a more classical scheme for your cooking space.

    That said, why not use the colour green and bring the outdoors in?

    modern kitchen designs, green kitchen featuring a green wall paired with wooden furniture for contrasting look

    It helps create a connection with the environment while also offering a multitude of benefits to your mental health and overall wellbeing. Additionally, since green is a neutral colour, it works perfectly with both traditional and modern kitchen designs; it adds a fresh energy and elegance to your space.

    You could use dark green for your kitchen cabinets to create a feeling of larger space and match it with bleached or ivory wooden wall units.

    To complete the look of your green kitchen, you can add brass, copper or bronze elements to it and give the space a modern yet rustic feel – ideal for creating a biophilic trend!

    If you need professional assistance to create this ultra modern kitchen design, get in touch with the designers at Saturn Interiors today!

    2. The Painted Kitchen

    A practical yet aesthetically pleasing choice for a modern kitchen – painted furniture helps add a new dimension to your existing cabinets. What’s more, it also offers a contemporary take on a conventional finish.

    ceramic utensils placed against a painted wall

    When used alongside raw materials such as concrete and marbles, this design helps build a durable environment that’s not only classy but also modern.

    The best part about this modern luxury kitchen design is that you can easily sand it down and repaint using a different colour of your choice – an excellent way to refurbish your existing kitchen without having to replace the entire unit.

    3. The Working Kitchen

    Over the past year, the trend of “working kitchens” has gained massive popularity.

    This is primarily because these designs reflect a repurposing of the conventional kitchens along with the increase in demand for multi functional cooking spaces in home.

    modern kitchen designs, laptop and headphones placed on a brown kitchen table

    When it comes to a “working kitchen”, the design mainly focuses on full height and low level storage spaces, extended breakfast bars, island units that can be used as an all-inclusive workstation, integrated seating area, food prep and cooking area and a home-office work.

    We believe that this is one of the best modern kitchen designs, since it offers clever storage space to not only hide your cooking essentials but also your office paraphernalia.

    Contact professional kitchen installers to help you create this beautiful yet practical kitchen design.

    4. The Kitchen Shelfie

    Just like an open plan kitchen, open shelves have always been the go-to option for many homeowners, but this design is becoming increasingly popular in 2021 – it not only adds interest in your existing kitchen but also creates a sense of open space.

    an all white kitchen featuring open shelves

    Additionally, it’s also expected that floating shelves decor (also popularly known as ‘the kitchen shelfie’) would be the new favourite corner of the kitchen, paired with coloured glassware, handmade clay plates and attention grabbing appliances.

    5. The Sustainable Kitchen

    With eco-credentials becoming a growing concern and homeowners focusing more on quality materials and sustainability, a lot of thought is being put into the design and delivery of kitchen essentials.

    This has resulted in the increased use of eco-friendly materials alongside designing urban inspired kitchens that are highly sustainable.

    modern kitchen designs, sustainable kitchen design with open shelves and a bit of greenary

    That said, if you’re looking for modern kitchen designs that are versatile yet eco-friendly, a sustainable kitchen is the perfect option for your home. Not only does it include second gen materials that are recycled, but also helps ensure no harm is caused to the environment.

    To create a visually appealing yet sustainable kitchen design, you can give us a ring on 01604 582835.

    Contact Saturn Interiors to Design a Modern Kitchen In Your Home

    Kitchens are not only the most used but also the most abused space in your home – constant foot traffic, food particles, smoke stains, etc. are all elements that can tarnish even the most maintained kitchens.

    To ensure your cooking space looks bright and fresh at all times, it’s important that you refurbish it every once in a while.

    Get in touch with the professional kitchen fitters at Saturn Interiors to give your kitchen a makeover. Alternatively, you could also book a free, no obligation virtual appointment to discuss different modern kitchen designs.

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