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    7 Ideas To Create A Green And Sustainable Kitchen

    Hacks to create a green and sustainable kitchen, potted plants on the windowsill, to add a little green to the kitchen.

    Adopting sustainable ideas and technology for your home is a great way to go green. One of the main spaces in your home you could implement this in is your kitchen.

    As an integral part of your home, adopting green methods in this space can boost your health, improve your lifestyle and create a better home environment. Green and sustainable ideas and products may be just what you need for your kitchen.

    From appliances to materials, there is a wide array of things you need to consider when trying to create a green and sustainable kitchen.

    At Saturn Interiors, we have compiled a list of green hacks that can help you get on the sustainability bandwagon. 

    Let’s get started! 

    1. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

    Energy-efficient appliances are great for the kitchen as they not only consume less energy but they also cut your running costs. They are good for the environment and help keep the energy bills low.

    Energy efficiency in appliances is a quality you must look for as these appliances help reduce your carbon footprint and enhance the quality of life at home. Pressure cookers, solar appliances, chest freezers are appliances you should consider. 

    Switching over to energy-efficient appliances may prove to be a good move for you as it is the obvious place to start making a real-time eco-friendly change.

    2. Create a Kitchen Garden

    There’s no better feeling than picking out fresh produce from your own kitchen for cooking. Creating a small garden in your kitchen can help you keep your meals fresh and healthy.

    A part of a sustainable and green kitchen can be having your own kitchen garden, a potted herb plant.

    Growing herbs, vegetables and fruits can easily be done in the kitchen. You could fit wooden planks and create shelves over which you can place your plants. This helps keep the kitchen more organised. Another idea you could experiment with is having a small garden at your windowsill. 

    While gardening helps you be more green, it also helps you stay calm by creating a serene atmosphere.

    3. Use Durable Materials

    Making use of sturdy materials for your kitchen elements is a smart idea as it increases the lifespan of your kitchen and appliances. Materials that are robust and durable require little to no maintenance and need not be replaced for a long time.

    A brass faucet is an example of how kitchens can make use of durable materials to last longer.

    Quartz countertops, brass faucets, wooden cabinets and granite composite sinks are examples of kitchen elements made of durable materials. Do some research and choose materials that work best for you to create a green and sustainable kitchen.

    4. Upcycling > Remodelling

    No matter how well you maintain your kitchen, there is a chance that some elements don’t look as aesthetic as they used to. If possible, before remodelling your kitchen entirely, consider upcycling the existing elements.

    Upcycling is a great way to incorporate sustainability in your kitchen, a revamped cabinet with a plant.

    Revamping your cabinets by applying a fresh lick of paint, adding a stainless steel finish to your appliances, using old mugs or glasses to pot plants are a few ways you could use to upcycle existing products. With upcycling, the possibilities are endless. It is a great way to move towards sustainability and to channel your creativity. 

    5. Switch to Sustainable Cleaning Products

    Home cleaning products often make use of harsh chemicals that can potentially be harmful. Switching to natural cleaning products is not only more environmentally friendly but it also keeps you and your family members safe.

    Switching to sustainable cleaning products is safer for your family and the environment.

    Natural cleaning products are usually made out of materials that are safer and reduce your kitchen’s environmental footprint. Sustainable green cleaning products are good for your family’s health and safety.

    6. Compost Your Leftover Scraps

    Food waste often takes up a sizeable amount of space in our bins. Utilise that waste in a better way by composting leftover food scraps. It is a great idea to consider especially when you are going green in your kitchen. 

    Composting is a great way to go green in your kitchen; food scraps like rotten pears and other fruits can be composted.

    Segregating your garbage into wet waste and dry waste can be extremely helpful for composting. It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that occur at landfills. When moving towards sustainability, every step counts. Ensure that you make the most of this in your kitchen. 

    7. Declutter and Donate 

    You may have a few kitchen products and appliances that you don’t need anymore. However, like most of us, you likely have them stored away for a rainy day (that never seems to come!). Donating these products or appliances helps you declutter and get rid of things you no longer need. 

    A monthly pantry and fridge check, to remove the products you don’t require is a good way to start the decluttering process. Keep in mind that the idea behind decluttering is not to create space by throwing things away – it’s about donating products that you don’t require anymore to those who can make use of it. 

    For example, perishable products that are in good condition can be donated to local food charities. 

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    Creating a green and sustainable kitchen is good for the environment as well as your family, incorporate these hacks in your kitchen for a better lifestyle. If you want further expertise in kitchen design ideas, Saturn Interiors can help you.

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