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    Top 5 Benefits of Installing Quartz Countertop

    Benefits of Quartz Countertops; flask and teapot placed on a quartz countertop

    When it comes to the most popular kitchen worktop material, every kitchen designer will recommend you to go with quartz countertops.

    Not only are these elegant and available in an array of colours, but can also be custom fabricated to meet the unique needs of your dream kitchen. Additionally, since these are sold in the slab format, they tend to have a longer shelf life.

    However, it doesn’t stop here – there are several other benefits of quartz countertops and we’ll be sharing the same in today’s blog post!

    Let’s take a look at why you should be choosing an engineered quartz countertop over other materials for your kitchen.

    1. Non Porous In Nature

    Benefits of Quartz Countertops; white kitchen countertop with white cabinets in the background

    Since a quartz countertop is made of around 90% quartz, it is likely to offer you benefits in two ways.

    Firstly, given its non porous nature, quartz is resistant to stain – this means, as long as you wipe the liquid off the surface right after it’s spilled, it shouldn’t really bother you. However, with materials like granite, their porous nature easily absorbs moisture and liquid, making it difficult to scrub the surface.

    Secondly, the non porous characteristic of this kitchen countertop is the primary reason why it doesn’t require any periodical sealing; this is not only time consuming but if not done properly, it could harm the material.

    To get a quartz countertop installed in your kitchen, give Saturn Interiors a call today!

    2. Requires Minimal Maintenance

    Woman cleaning the kitchen countertop using a cloth

    One of the best benefits of quartz countertops is that it requires very little maintenance when compared to other kitchen worktops.

    Put simply, any type of spill can be easily wiped off, meaning there’s no need for poultices, special cleansers or even scrubbing for that matter. In fact, to clean your quartz countertop, all you need is some soap and water or any basic household cleanser.

    Additionally, as mentioned above, this material is resistant to stain and scratch; you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing the surface, it’ll be clean in no time!

    3. Long Lasting and Highly Durable

    Benefits of Quartz Countertops; all-white kitchen with white and grey cabinets and stainless steel cooktop

    We all know that our kitchen is a very busy place, which means you need to install a countertop that can not only withstand every spill and stain but also offer you a longer lifespan!

    This is where the quartz countertop comes in; not only is it highly durable and long lasting but can also be used for all your kitchen needs. What’s more, since its surface is heat resistant, you need not worry about the countertop being damaged due to hot utensils or appliances.

    You can really use this worktop to its fullest without constantly worrying about its maintenance.

    Give this blog a read to understand the basic cleaning tips for your countertop.

    4. Incredibly Stylish

    All-white kitchen featuring white cabinets and industrial lighting

    Another big benefit of quartz countertops is that it’s available in an array of elegant choices; not to mention an incredibly extensive selection of patterns and colours.

    This means, by choosing a quartz countertop for your kitchen, you can easily get it to mimic the look of concrete, marble or granite countertop. Additionally, you can choose from various colour options to match it with the existing design of your cooking area.

    Not only that, every quartz countertop can be customised as per your design needs, meaning you can give its corners those curves, angles and even waterfall edges for that matter.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to design an industrial or low maintenance kitchen, quartz can easily blend in and give you the desired look.

    Contact the professional kitchen designers at Saturn Interiors to discuss your countertop needs.

    5. Lowered Imperfections

    Benefits of Quartz Countertops; white countertop with two decorative vases placed on it

    If you take a closer look at countertops made of marble or granite, you can see a lot of naturally occurring imperfections like cracks, colour streaks, fissures and pits on them.

    While some of them might remain small throughout, others might start small but grow over a period of time becoming more noticeable than before.

    However, one of the benefits of quartz countertops is that it can be designed with precision. By using the right quantity and quality of materials while taking proper care, you can reduce the occurrence of fissures and other imperfections.

    To understand how these countertops are made to be so precise, click here!

    Call Saturn Interiors to Install and Reap the Benefits of Quartz Countertops

    If you’re thinking of installing or replacing your current kitchen countertop, ensure that you’re considering quartz.

    Not only are these attractive and durable but also incredibly versatile and low maintenance. This means, you can easily get it to match your current aesthetics and lifestyle.

    Why not give us a call on 01604 582835 and discuss your kitchen needs?Alternatively, you could also book your free kitchen design appointment with our installers here!

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