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    Clever Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

    blue kitchen storage

    It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large kitchen, keeping your kitchen neat, tidy, and maximising all the storage potential will not only save you lots of time but reduce frustrations when you try to find the perfect utensil.

    If you are thinking about a beautiful newly designed kitchen, you have come to the right place with expertise and years of experience on hand, we can guide you the kitchen of your dreams. However, if you plan to keep your existing kitchen design, spending time on clever and attractive storage solutions will be a massive benefit and a boon to any home kitchen.

    Making the most of your drawers

    Simple small mesh or wicker baskets can partition draws and will allow easy access for utensils or for the spices you regularly use.  Many companies sell bespoke plastic trays or home assembly draw dividers that work in a similar fashion with the aim of keeping your draw equipment and gadgets nice and tidy.

    wicker baskets for kitchen storage

    Utilizing the back of cupboards is a great way to maximize space.  You can use fasten hooks using adhesive, or attach hanging baskets that hook over the top of the cupboard door to help maximise space. This is also a great place to hang spice racks, or organisational calendars or pinboards, to keep your kitchen running smoothly but without causing an eyesore.

    kitchen drawers storage

    Peg It Up

    Pegboards are becoming a very clever common storage solution which is placed inside cupboards, or around the kitchen, wherever you like them most. Attach whiteboards or notice boards to create an organisational hub, hang pans, create extra shelving space or more. There are so many creative ways to utilise these boards, and the great new is, if you get bored of how you are utilising it, you can change it in an instant!

    kitchen pegboard storage

    Making the most of the whole cupboard space can be especially helpful with small kitchens.  The design below has used pull out hinge storage units to cleverly fit under the sink space and roll out caster draws for cleaning equipment.  Both allow for easy accessibility and will stop you needing to get on your hands and knees to fish the dishwasher salt from the back of the kitchen cupboard!

    elegant kitchen drawers

    Making the most of your corners is a must when planning your kitchen or when giving kitchens a new lease of life. Swing out shelving units are fabulous for making the most of the back of cupboard areas when renewing kitchens.

    Talk to Saturn Interiors today about the kitchen of your dreams or for additional beautifully finished storage solutions.  We will ensure you are given the best choices of the most innovative and beautiful designs to perfect fit you, your family and your lifestyles. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on  01908 849 728 or fill out our contact form here.

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