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    5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas For A Spacious And Stylish Kitchen

    Small homes and apartments are the contemporary solutions to many problems today – one of them being maintenance, which is often faced in a larger space. 

    That said, a lot of people are choosing a smaller apartment over the spacious one to cut down on this added task and it’s working wonders for them!

    Sure, a small space reflects grace and charm by its mere appearance but you also have to think of creative ways to make it functional and utilise every corner available in your home. To do this, you have to have a true understanding of your space because only then you can come up with unusual functional solutions for your house.

    Having said that, a small house might also be just a tad problematic when it comes to your kitchen space. This is because it is the kind of room where utility is the most important requirement and having a small space limits that possibility to some extent.

    Cleary, a functional yet stylish kitchen only looks like a dream in such spaces. However, at Saturn Interiors, we have curated a list of small kitchen design ideas for your convenience to help you turn your dream kitchen into reality

    Let’s dive right into this list! 

    1. Use Light Colours

    A small area looks even more shrunk if you paint its walls with dark colours. On the contrary, light colours make the space look brighter and bigger. 

    Why not try customising your bespoke kitchen by choosing light colour countertops, backsplashes, walls and millwork from our wide collection of designs to make your kitchen feel more open? 

    However, if you are not on board with large scale renovations, consider changing the colours of your appliances and kitchen tools into lighter shades. 

    This is because items like cutting boards, pots and pans and other linens solely determine the mood of your kitchen meaning it’s essential to make sure you choose the right colour palette to achieve your desired look.

    2. Think Vertically

    Creating an illusion of having a bigger space is challenging, especially while adding new small kitchen design ideas. Here, one of the most successful and easy ways to create an illusion of having a bigger space is to place and install designs vertically. 

    For example, if you don’t want to spend too much money but still want your kitchen to look more spacious, you can stick magnetic strips on the counter walls to place your knives and other metal items on it vertically. 

    Other than this, if you are planning to install tiles and/or wallpapers in your kitchen, make sure you choose the ones that have lines or motifs in a vertical pattern to create an illusion of a spacious kitchen.  

    3. Add a Prep Area

    A kitchen island is like the statement jewellery of your kitchen and thus it is an important element of your modern design. Naturally, if you are on the lookout for small kitchen design ideas, you are not going to have enough space for the kitchen island. 

    In this case, consider adding a prep area, like placing a movable table in one corner or on the opposite side of the main counter to increase the functionality of your kitchen. 

    Alternatively, a slim rolling kitchen cart or bar cart can also be used to expand a full-fledged kitchen island. Or else, a narrow console can be used too to place the tools and ingredients while you cook.

    4. Remove Upper Cabinets 

    Cabinets are a very important element in every kitchen. But it is no secret that they consume a lot of space

    That said, why not save this space while keeping the functionality intact by removing the upper cabinets, especially if the height of your kitchen is lower than standard? Instead, you could install open shelves in their place. 

    Open shelves are extremely efficient, more so than enclosed cabinets. This is because the storage in open shelves is more easily accessible than in enclosed cabinets.

    Moreover, open shelves instantly make the space look more open and airy, ranking them as one of the important small kitchen design elements in your space. 

    5. Choose Smaller Appliances 

    Appliances, like any other element of a kitchen, make the kitchen’s functionality fuller and complete. However, it is up to you to decide the type, size and number of appliances that you need in your kitchen.

    Ideally, a small kitchen design should consist of a minimum number of appliances, which does not necessarily mean a compromise on the functionality aspect of it. 

    For instance, if you generally don’t cook for a crowd, consider getting a convection oven that will bake and toast with its variety of functions. By doing this, you are not compromising on your functionality while also increasing the utility value of a particular gadget and an appliance. 

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