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Crazy Kitchen Appliances You Need to Get

Kitchen Appliances you must have - Saturn Interiors

Here are some crazy kitchen appliances that you need to get which will get you differentiated from the common rebel.

1) Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Talk about crazy! This sort of kit can act as a tap not for water but for any fruit with water content you like. Whether it is a watermelon or an orange you can just fit this kit on it and then start enjoying its fresh juice. This can also come as handy during home parties as well for showing off.

2) Blue Jeans Mould

Fancy doing something unique all whilst getting the perfect muffin shape? If yes, then this product is for you, just put the batter in these jeans shaped mould and see its beauty.

3) Condiment Gun

BBQ just got awesomely fun. No need now to worry about the various sauces and where to put them, just load the sauces into this gun and enjoy BBQ with a fun twist. Can also be great for kids to have a food fight with friends.

Check out the condiment gun in action here:

4) S’Mores Maker

It was fun to cook marshmallows on top of a campfire but that trend has now gotten old, this S’mores maker does everything you need and more. Creating scrumptious S’Mores just got easier to make and more efficient as you’ll be cooking marshmallows much faster. On top of this, you’ll be making them more tastier than the real deal as you can simply adjust the burn you want on your marshmallow if you prefer it to be a little bit brown, completely brown, the list goes on.

5) Waffle Bowls

Who would want to make normal waffles when you could make waffle bowls. This is like a paradise for someone who loves syrup or ranch or both they can just pour them into this bowl of greatness and enjoy their life. Or stick some ice cream in a waffle bowl for a delicious and mouth-watering treat!

6) Lime Sprayer

Exhausted of cutting and squeezing a lime to pour it over something? If yes then this crazy appliance is for you. Ideal for lemons, limes, grapefruit and all types of citrus fruits. Just put the sprayer over your lime of choice and then spray it just like room freshener over your food. Or you could use this as way to make lime water in needed situations.

7) Pancake Maker

You know how much work it takes to make a good pancake but this new pancake maker can safe your time. Just add the ingredients into the machine, then wait to see its magic and the precision with which it makes pancakes. You would not notice the difference between cooked pancake and pancakes made by this machine.

8) Gel Fridge

Things just got futuristic. Here we get an awesome appliance. This fridge has no doors and is filled with green gel all over. Once an item is put into it, the gel simply put keeps the item suspended and cool. The gel is made of some sort of cleaning chemical which keeps the food clean and fresh. How crazy would it be to grab a fruit out of this gel fridge?

9) Dipr

This is quite revolutionizing for an Oreo fan, now we mustn’t worry about the cookie going inside the milk will dipping it. Take your Oreo, attach the Dipr and dip it and enjoy its taste. Dipr is also quite popular and has many YouTube videos based on it which shows its value and usefulness. Like this one:

10) Corn Zipper

This for corn lovers who just are lazy and do not want to put the efforts into biting them off the cob, this just take all of them out like peels of vegetable. Which makes it very enjoyable and oddly satisfying to scape of all of the corn of the cob. Perfect for people who hate getting stuff stuck in your teeth after munching of a cob!

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