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    Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cosy During Winter

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    Did you know that more people in England are hospitalised for respiratory illness due to poorly insulated homes than in Sweden? The weather is much colder in Sweden yet homes are better equipped to cope with the colder winters. This shows the necessity of heating your coldest rooms in winter and planning how you will keep the heat in effectively. As the kitchen is often the heart of the home but can also cool down significantly in winter, here are some of the ways you can keep it cosy during the colder months.

    Heat the Room

    The home will naturally drop in temperature as the weather worsens so it is likely you will have to use heating in some form to increase the temperature. A 2011 literature review in Environmental Health Perspectives showed that dampness and mould in the home is directly linked to asthma prevalence and exacerbation showing the importance of heating your kitchen as humidity could lead to condensation. A wall mounted fireplace looks appealing in a large kitchen and can bring in the room making it modern but cosy, Certain fuel types such as ethanol produce fewer harmful emissions and are energy efficient meaning you can heat your home for longer and wall mounted fireplaces can fit easily in small or large kitchens.

    Stop Air Leakage

    Winter drafts can get into a kitchen and heated air can get out when there are areas of leakage in your kitchen. Leakage can cause a drop in temperature of 100 percent or over so planning ahead can ensure your home is more energy efficient. Creating a window feature with draft excluders, lined curtains and a few strategically placed cushions can keep the heat in your kitchen all year round. Cooking appliances are always going to add heat naturally but ensure the room is aired regularly to stop humidity causing dampness.


    Did you know that 15 percent of heat is lost through the floor? Research shows that under-floor insulation can reduce the amount of heat lost through a floor by up to 92% therefore it may be work to consider having in your kitchen. Alternatively, soft vinyl keeps heat in effectively in humid rooms where a carpet would not be appropriate. Carpeting may not be effective due to the ability for a kitchen to get messy, but adding a warm rug can help keep some of the heat in and bring in larger kitchens to make them more comfortable to enjoy company in.
    Heating the home is often not enough to keep warm in the winter and it may be necessary to consider some home adjustments if simple additions are not effective. Double glazing, insulation, chimney blockage and replacing the doors could be longer term solutions when the home is not energy efficient.

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