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    The top things you need in your family kitchen

    Saturn Interiors - Family Kitchen

    A kitchen is truly one of the most important rooms in the family home. It is not only used for cooking and eating but also for relaxation. Some children even do their homework in the kitchen. In fact, we spend more time in the kitchen during the day than most other rooms. As such, there are a lot of things attached to the interior design that needs to be available in an ordinary family kitchen. Here, we want to focus on the top ten things every family kitchen must have.

    Good, strong work surface

    Every family kitchen must have a working surface where your preparation work can be done. When cooking, the equipment used such as knives can compromise the working surface. This calls for the working surface to be strong and durable with the ability to withstand any forces as a result of work being done on it. The appearance of the working surface of course also matters. Here at Saturn Interiors, we can supply you with a wide range of options.

    An area for eating

    This is one of the most important things that a family kitchen must have. It can be in the shape of a dining table or better yet, a breakfast bar for everyone to converge on. Even if your kitchen is small, you need to find a place where you and your family can eat.

    Lighting (adaptable)

    The time of the day when you are using the kitchen requires different amounts of light. Kitchens are full of activities in the morning. However, during the evening hours, it is mostly used for chatting and relaxing. When preparing food, especially in the morning you will need to have a focused task lighting. Conversely, when dining, ambient light is the best.

    A hob and oven

    Every family must have an oven for fixing quick meals. If the family is a large one, more hobs will surely ease the process of cooking meals.

    Some child locks

    Children are an adventurous lot. In their quest to know more and touch whatever they come across, they are likely to get hurt. This is why every family kitchen needs a child lock on any cupboard or door at ground level.

    A relaxation space

    Without a place to relax, some family members may stay clear of the kitchen and only come when it is dinner time. If you have the room a nice way to help get people into the kitchen is to put a comfortable sofa or some nice bar chairs where they can relax.

    Clean walls

    Due to the nature of activities done in the kitchen, walls are constantly covered with stuff. It is therefore important to use kitchen wall tiles that are easy to clean. Even with the constant scrubbing, the paints used in the tiles are not easily removed.

    Latest technologies

    Technologies such as TV and the latest sound system come in handy for a family kitchen. Everyone likes to watch their favourite soap even while cooking!

    Soft closing drawers cupboards

    Children often slam doors. This can cause damage to the door and its hinges. To minimize the slamming and reduce wear and tear, ensure you make the drawers and cupboards soft close.

    These are the most basic things that you need to have in the interior design of your family kitchen. However, there are other requirements that are unique to each family, if you start with these though you are on to a winner.

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