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    Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    kitchen with cozy lighting

    The kitchen is the most important room when it comes to decorating the house, so extra care is vital when it comes to building, decorating and maintaining them. A good kitchen is the one with good lighting which gives a look of ambience, bright and peace, therefore, the cooking process also becomes easy, calm and clean. There are a variety of kitchen lighting styles are available to decorate just the way you like it. Let us see them one-by-one below.

    1) Under cabinet lighting:

    It is one of the popularly used kitchen lighting methods, where the lights are placed under the cabinet making you switch on and off whenever you needed the light in that particular cabinet. Under cabinet, lights are now available in automatic methods allowing them to turn on automatically when you go near them. This works under the sensor method, like the sensor taps.

    2) Ceiling lights:

    Adding ceiling lighting to your kitchen brings back the vintage look to your home. The lights are placed on the ceilings allowing the bulb to hang up-side down covered with bowl-shaped glass. The lights come in different shapes and designs with fine architecture that creates a unique and pleasant look to the kitchen.

    Led ceiling lighting

    3) Chandelier lighting:

    Chandelier lights are popular among the royal family since the age of lights began. They are usually hanged on ceilings in the middle of the house or kitchen to give a distinct royal look that can even swing along with the wind at times. Chandeliers are made with different attachments on them such as bells, clocks and others.

    4) Pendant lighting:

    Pendant lighting is now the trending kitchen lighting methods. They give a unique character to the kitchen especially when your kitchen is next to the living room. Pendant lights emit ample light and gives the true colour of cooking which is why it is mostly recommended by chefs in 5 star and 7-star hotels. It is a hanging type of light which can be hanged above dining table to see the true rich colour of the dishes served there.

    contemporary kitchen pendant lighting

    5) Fluorescent lighting:

    Fluorescent lights are cheap and durable, they are usually bright which is best to illuminate the whole room space of the kitchen. Fluorescent lights come in different shapes and sizes such as circle, square, rectangle, cylindrical, spiral that makes it different from other lighting methods. It can be placed on ceilings to give an immense disperse of lighting throughout the kitchen.

    6) Track lighting:

    In a track lighting, many light bulbs are arranged on a metal bar in an orderly manner that represents a track. The tracks are available in different structures such as twisted, curled, straight, circle and others. Bulbs in track lighting are adjustable and free to move around 360 degrees so that you can rotate the bulb to your convenient direction.

    We hope these gave you some valuable ideas for lighting to be fitted in your kitchen installation. If you have any questions about fitting in a new kitchen, please do feel free to give our experts a call on 01604 930 860.

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