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    Funky Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

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    Festivals are approaching, and that can only mean two things: a lot of food and lots of fun. And if you see yourself as Nigella in the kitchen, the idea of trying out many new recipes during the festival season is tempting, especially if you have guests as guinea pigs. But every cook needs the right tools, so before you start flaming, frying, and cooking a storm, look at our top five kitchen gadgets.

    Simple vegetable cutter

    We all know that we should get our five fruits and vegetables a day, especially with all the seasonal delights that float around for Christmas, but the preparation that comes with eating vegetables can be frustrating at the end of a long day.

    Using a vegetable slicer makes perfectly shaped vegetables easy to reach, and you can even use it to cut potatoes into chips or cut fruit into handy pieces for small children. As a special bonus, your fingers will be spared forever from a fake knife heel!

    vegetable cutter gadget

    Microwave egg cooker

    Although it’s one of the simplest kitchen tasks, something like cooking an egg in the hectic morning hours can feel like a huge struggle. Heat up the water, get the egg exactly to your liking, and of course the extra washing up can all look too much like challenging work.

    However, a microwave egg cooker does all the work for you. Pour water from the kettle into the base, add the required number of eggs and immerse in the microwave. You can even choose how your eggs should be cooked.


    Knife sharpeners

    The care of your tools is an integral part of a good cook. Therefore, a ceramic knife sharpener is a necessity to keep all your knives sharp and ready for use. Ceramics tend to be harder than steel and last longer, saving you money because you do not have to replace them so often. Look out for both straight and serrated knives to reduce the gadgets you need.


    Pan grippers

    When you rush in the kitchen and prepare a lot of dishes, it can be easy to get nervous and grab the next pan handle, just to shy away from it when you realize how hot it is. Burns and blisters are no fun when you are busy, especially if you cook regularly and this is a recurring problem.

    With a bucket gripper, you can quickly and safely pick up hot kitchen items such as pot handles, metal containers, and casserole dishes without the need for slippery and bulky oven gloves.


    Buffet Warmer

    If you have a party this Christmas, do not be afraid to serve hot food with the usual munchies. A buffet heater allows you to keep all your food warm, which means you can get creative in the kitchen without having to worry about cold, wet food. It can also be used in rather inconspicuous situations. So, if you want to spend a cosy DVD night with your other half, you can use the buffet heater to keep your popcorn fresh while you relax. The perfect warm food accessory.

    buffet warmer

    We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your next gadgets that will become a necessity in your kitchen. Get your gadgets in a kitchen you can be proud of by getting a kitchen transformation with us today, if you have any further questions please do feel free to give us a call on 01604 930 860.

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