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    9 Clever Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens

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    Tired of having completely no space in your kitchen? Well, believe it or not, it is possible to have a small kitchen that looks superb and one you can be thrilled with. All it takes is covering as much space as you can with crafty planning, to ensure you have all the breathing space that you deserve in your tiny kitchen.

    1. Storage up on the ceiling!

    When it comes down to it, storage space turns out to be one of the major hindrances in a little kitchen. This is because space can quickly get filled up even more by large cupboards. A way to fix this is to ensure you have shelving and cupboards that are attached to the wall, that is also up all the way against the ceiling of your kitchen.  Not only will this allow for more openness and space, but this will also let you be able to store more efficiently and easily.

    2. Folding in and out worktops

    You may have noticed that there is simply never enough worktop space in your miniscule kitchen. You can defeat this by including extra worktops cunningly hidden away either on the wall or inside drawers. This saves up plenty of space because when it’s not being used, it won’t take up any additional space. Once you need that additional space for prep or anything, all it takes is to pull the worktop out or down and you’ll be good to go.

    3. Furniture with multiple functions

    Another wonderful way to save space is to get furniture that will have multiple jobs to maximise the efficiency of your kitchen. A prime example of this is having a worktop (either a standard worktop, wall-mounted or fold-down worktop), that can also double up as a table with a couple of stools underneath. There is a variety of different multi-purpose furniture like this available to help you secure all that space in your kitchen. Below are a couple of other fantastic examples that may just inspire you:

    small kitchen multi purpose furniture


    small kitchen with multi purpose furniture and worktops


    4. Scale down

    If your kitchen is indeed undersized, it may be worth thinking about scaling down items that simply take up a lot of space in your kitchen, such as your dishwashers and sinks. They also might look a bit out of proportion and gigantic inside your tiny kitchen. Scaling down these things here and there to ensure it fits appropriately in the space is another great trick.

    5. Inside the wall!

    It’s currently a popular trend now in terms of kitchen interior design. Hideaway storages and a wall of units hidden behind smooth panels. This will give you plenty of storage room to work with, as well as avoiding that disorderly look and feel that occurs as a regular issue in tiny kitchens. Below is a brilliant example of having storage units literally inside your wall:

    small kitchen wall unit storage

    6. Creating extra room

    If you have a narrow kitchen where it’s nearly impossible to have more than one person walking around in it, then this could be the perfect trick for you. Perhaps it’s best to make one of your worktop counters slimmer to help create more space in the middle of your kitchen. This will allow more room for activities such as prep and casual dining.

    7. Hang up

    Another popular interior design idea that people tend to use in their small kitchen is using wall-mounted storage, for example, utensil hangers and magnetic knife racks. This provides a bounty of space-saving benefits – finding yourself with no room in your drawers? Don’t have any drawers? That won’t be a problem with wall-mounted storage, not only does this trick de-clutter all that worktop space, but it’s super ideal for being an easy reach for anything you need. Below is a splendid example of this showing you one of the wall-mounted designs you can also achieve:

    small kitchen wall mounted storage

    8. Going custom

    This trick is going to be a less cost-effective but worth it for those with a good budget. You can get custom designed units, cabinetry and shelves made to fit the precise dimensions of the area you want to fill in your kitchen. Not only will this make the most of every single inch of space, it will also give you more room, in general, to work with.

    9. Using wall mirrors to create an optical illusion

    Mirrors can have a profound effect on increasing the feeling of space in your room. The illusion wall mirrors create can be fascinating. They can turn corners into corridors! We use HomesDirect365 wall mirrors as our preferred supplier.

    Making the most out of your kitchen is important, we hope these space-saving tricks has given you some inspiration. Let us know via our Twitter, Facebook or get in touch on which of these cunning tricks you want to try out, or send us some pics of your cool kitchen ideas!

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