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    4 Budget Ways To Add Creative And Aesthetic Decor To Your Kitchen

    Creative Kitchen Design Ideas; A modern kitchen design with brown and beige interiors

    The multitude of elements that are required to equip a fully functional yet appealing kitchen is a tough job, especially when you are on a budget. 

    However, the budget doesn’t decide the limit of creative kitchen design ideas you can come up with. Creativity, therefore, plays an important role when you make up your mind to revamp your kitchen on a budget

    That said, Saturn Interiors is known for creative and modern design solutions for your kitchen and yet again, we are here to save the day! 

    Through this blog today, we will be sharing a list of creative kitchen design ideas that will stand the test of time while adding aesthetic decor to your kitchen. 

    So without further ado, let’s take a look! 

    1. Redo The Flooring 

    While there are many elements of the kitchen that you can choose to work on, flooring is one of those dominating elements that create the overall look of your kitchen. This means, a simple revamp on your flooring could give you a brand new kitchen of your choice! 

    Now, we understand that there are a variety of options and qualities of floorings that are available on the market and how that can pressure you to make the right choice. 

    A sure shot solution here is to trust the brand that has been in the industry long enough to have the required experience. 

    That said, consider choosing from our quality floorings made of wood, stone, granite and marble, and use them to create the desired look for your kitchen. 

    2. Organise Your Kitchen

    Organisation has always been underestimated, especially when it comes to kitchens. However, the effects that simple organisation can have has no bounds; little tweaks here and there and you will have a brand new image of your kitchen.

    That said, to begin the process, start with the introspection of the current setup of your kitchen; the placement of its elements such as utensils, appliances, countertops and island. Next, you need to prepare a plan of action as to what is your end goal. 

    Once that is done, you simply need to start discarding the non-essentials and make space for things that you actually need. 

    Here, consider spending on kitchen organisers for your cabinets and storage drawers and make sure to choose high-quality, lavish-looking ones to add aesthetics to your modern kitchen design

    3. Redo the Walls

    Similar to flooring, walls also cover most of the areas of your kitchen that are visible to the naked eye. If you wish to have massive decor changes while doing very little, redoing the walls is one of the best creative kitchen design ideas to choose! 

    You could begin by investing in quality paints and lively colours to make your kitchen brighter than ever! 

    Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try using two shades; all you have to do is contact the kitchen experts at Saturn Interiors and let them know that you’re looking for gradient walls. 

    If not paints, wallpapers are also something that you could go for; they have become a popular choice among kitchen decorators lately. While you’re at it, you can choose bold patterns and colours to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. 

    4. Redecorate the Insides of Furniture

    Furniture in your cooking area, like the cabinets, contribute a lot to the overall look of your kitchen

    However, don’t limit yourself to its exteriors; the insides of these cabinets are often overlooked and changing them could help you make your kitchen look instantly new without having to do much. 

    Go ahead and buy low budget decorative paper and that is all you need to achieve this goal. 

    While you’re at it, keep in mind that this kind of decor change only works well if your cabinets have glass doors or better yet, you have shelves instead of cabinets. 

    Lastly, try to match the decorative papers with the colour of your wall to highlight your new decoration! 

    Contact Saturn Interiors for Creative Kitchen Design Ideas 

    Redecoration is a tedious process that requires an extreme level of patience. While you might be patient, you also need to have a proper plan in place. If you fail to do that, it could dig huge holes in your pockets! 

    This is why you should trust our experts to take care of your kitchens. At Saturn Interiors, we believe in delivering quality while respecting your required customisations. 

    Choose from our wide range of creative kitchen design ideas or better yet, if you are on a budget, choose to upgrade your kitchen by simply replacing appliances from us! 

    Contact us on 01604 582 835 or visit our website to book your appointments to discuss your modern kitchen design needs today!

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