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    4 Best Cabinet Finishes To Complement Every Kitchen Design

    best cabinet finishes; a white wood and glass cabinet with porcelain crockery inside

    Updating your kitchen design every once in a while can breathe new life into your existing space.

    Since an entire kitchen remodel or renovation may not be possible for everyone, doing what you can and working on changing the smaller elements can work just as well in enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.

    That said, kitchen cabinets can surprisingly play an important role in deciding or influencing the overall design of this crucial room. However, if you’re reluctant to change the entire cabinet and just want to do something a bit simpler yet cost-effective, why not change the finishing?

    At Saturn Interiors, we know all about the best cabinet finishes that can change the look and feel of your cabinetry. Since many may not know about the different kitchen cabinet finishes, we’ve put together a list to help you out.

    So if you’re looking for the best cabinet finishes to spruce up your kitchen design, our list of finishing options can help you pick the right one for your kitchen interiors.

    Let’s take a look!

    1. Simple Stained Finishing

    best cabinet finishes; a wooden draw section sorter

    Many kitchens usually sport wooden cabinets with unique finishes and colours. This is because wood has a classic look that compliments any and all kitchen interiors and designs. From a rustic shaker style cabinet design to modern and minimalist kitchens, there is no dearth in variety.

    To change their look, applying a simple coat of paint can do the trick. From changing the colour to resemble a particular type of wood to acting as an additional layer that protects the cabinet from damage, stained finishes are a great choice.

    Additionally, for a more unique and aesthetic look, the cabinets can further be stained underneath another finishing option.

    2. Stylish Glaze Finishing

    best cabinet finishes; a modern brown kitchen with ample of light filtering through

    A glazed finishing technique can alter the texture and colour of your cabinetry to give it a unique faux-finish. This option is one of the best cabinet finishes as it can be applied over both stained and painted cabinets.

    With the addition of the glaze, the details of the wood that make it unique are accentuated to show its true craftsmanship. With this, you could add varnish as a top coat to improve the durability of the cabinets.

    While this finishing technique is a little more expensive compared to others, it adds visual depth and character to the cabinets to make them increasingly stylish and appealing.

    3. Scratch Resistant Waterborne Finishing

    a long and narrow white and brown kitchen

    A waterborne ultra-violet finish is an eco-friendly option that’s specifically created to lessen the negative effects on the environment. This finish is scratch-resistant and is free of formaldehyde and organic volatile compounds making it another great choice for your cabinet revamp.

    Since this finishing technique involves dispersion in water, the downtime between the time of application and actual use is very little. With this, your cabinets become easy to clean and aren’t affected by yellowing, which comes with time.

    Although this finishing option costs a little more than the usual lick of paint, the several advantages it possesses certainly makes it one of the best cabinet finishes.

    4. Opaque Paint Finish

    a rustic dark green and turquoise kitchen with a scenic view

    Since opaque paints have several colour options, it serves as an easy way of creating a new style for your kitchen cabinets. While this finish is often compared to stained cabinet finishes for the kitchen, this technique offers more variety in terms of the different colour options available.

    With this finishing technique, you can select whichever shade or hue for your cabinets that matches well with the other elements of your kitchen. To make them more durable, consider adding a coat of varnish on top to ensure they last longer. With this, styling other features and changing elements becomes easier as you can save enough money with this finishing option.

    Contact Saturn Interiors For Amazing Kitchen Designs With The Best Cabinet Options

    Changing the look of your kitchen by opting for the best cabinet finishes can improve the appearance of your kitchen and make it even more stylish. However, finding the right kitchen expert is also important so that your ideas can be seamlessly integrated and reflected in your kitchen design.

    That said, at Saturn Interiors, we believe in quality while creating customised kitchen designs that meet all your requirements. 

    Choose from our diverse range of kitchen design ideas by going through our helpful hints and tips.To book an appointment, contact us right away so that we can help you build the kitchen of your dreams!

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