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    5 Reasons to Integrate Appliances Into Your Fitted Kitchen

    Kitchen renovation is often one of the most challenging home improvement projects you can undertake. This can be even more daunting if you plan to do away with the old and start afresh. Many homeowners choose to go down this road when retrofitting is not an option. While it has its own challenges, nothing is more exciting than the prospect of installing a brand new kitchen, with sleek integrated appliances at your beck and call. 

    When working on a new kitchen design, deciding whether you should integrate appliances into your kitchen or install free-standing elements is an essential initial step. 

    However, we must point out, it is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to choose fitted kitchens with integrated appliances, as opposed to freestanding units. 

    If you’re wondering why integrated kitchen designs are in vogue now more than ever, at Saturn Interiors, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why this is a better choice after all. 

    Let’s take a look!

    1. Enhance Your Kitchen Aesthetics

    Minimalist kitchen designs with clean, clutter free layouts are one of the best kitchen trends of 2021. Guarantee a modern, subtle and fantastically organised kitchen by integrating all your kitchen appliances behind sleek cupboard doors or fancy cabinets. 

    A fitted kitchen with integrated appliances will have a dedicated place for everything, meaning you can maintain the clean, organised look for years down the line. Achieve an impeccable finish with top of the line organisation that are a part and parcel of an integrated kitchen design. 

    What’s more, you can experiment with being modern or traditional by introducing state of the art integration in your kitchen. 

    Visit our Milton Keynes showroom, to see how our kitchen designers can transform your space!

    2. Put Every Nook and Cranny to Work

    By integrating appliances into your kitchen, you make the most of your available space, especially when you have a smaller, more compact kitchen area. With years of design experience, our kitchen installation experts can make your kitchen appear more roomy, open and spacious. 

    When you book your free kitchen consultation with us, our kitchen designers will put together a blueprint to stow away all of your appliances expertly, to make the most of every inch of space available. You can have plenty of smart storage solutions that make your compact kitchen look more wide and open

    Our specialist kitchen designers can even create custom cabinetry, giving each and every element of your kitchen the attention it deserves!

    3. Tailor Your Kitchen Around the Important Appliances

    Every homeowner has unique kitchen requirements. This means you need to identify the appliances that you use more frequently than others and tailor your kitchen design to complement your usage. 

    The end result – you will have a more functional kitchen space that’s bespoke to your requirements. Integrating appliances into your fitted kitchen ensures you’re adding the most important appliances into the best possible location, ensuring a seamless kitchen experience. 

    By designing the space to carefully integrate appliances into your kitchen, you can ensure that your kitchen area is perfect for you and your family with zero design or personal compromises. 

    4. Complete Convenience for Appliances Usage

    For some homeowners, kitchen appliances are an afterthought and not something that is a part of their initial design plan. Needless to say, they often regret not factoring in the convenience that integrated appliances bring to the table (pun intended). 

    With some appliances that you use on a regular basis it’s essential that you install them in a way that makes them more accessible. By integrating the essentials into your design right off the bat, you can ensure that they become a seamless part of your kitchen design.

    When you integrate appliances into your kitchen, there’s an ease of accessibility that comes forth to improve the practicality and usability of your kitchen space.

    5. Availability of More Worktop Space

    Usually, we tend to keep smaller appliances like microwaves on our worktops, meaning it eats up unnecessary space. If this was to be integrated into your fitted kitchen design, you’d free up your kitchen worktop and make more space available for use. 

    You’ll be surprised by how much difference these little changes can make. When you open up more space for use, you will be able to introduce more new appliances in your kitchen, meaning you get more out of your space. 

    Call Saturn Interiors For More on Kitchen Appliance Integration

    It’s easy to see why so many homeowners choose fitted kitchens with integrated appliances. When undertaking a kitchen remodel, it is worth factoring in appliances in the initial design and planning stages. This will allow you to better plan your new kitchen, keeping your appliances at the core of the experience. 

    If you are looking for an experienced kitchen design company in both Northampton and Milton Keynes, be sure to get in touch with the experts at Saturn Interiors. With a strong local reputation, we have years of experience designing, installing and consulting on luxury, custom kitchens.

    Let Saturn Interiors handle your kitchen project and allow our designers to breathe new life into your ideas. 

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