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    6 Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas That Suit Every Home

    Vintage kitchen designs are a timeless trend that is popular amongst homeowners and designers; a white bricked wall with wooden white cabinets and minimalistic decor

    From movies and sitcoms to our own grandmothers’ kitchen – vintage kitchen designs have always been a timeless trend

    Drawing inspiration from different eras, many homeowners upgrade their current kitchen design or create a new one with vintage kitchen elements, features, and accessories for a classy yet original look.

    That said, with the various designs and ideas available, creating a vintage kitchen design can be easily done through the incorporation of simple elements and characteristics – from farmhouse sinks to retro appliances, there are many options to choose from.

    At Saturn Interiors, we have put together a list of ideas that will help you build a unique vintage kitchen. These designs can seamlessly fit in any home style while also complementing diverse interiors.

    Without further ado, let’s take a look!

    1. Wooden Cabinets In Muted Shades

    Vintage elements sport an old-school charm, they add character to your kitchen and also enhance the overall look. That said, wooden cabinets are a popular element that features in many vintage designs.

    While incorporating wooden units in your kitchen, make sure you keep the design simple and opt for pastel tones or muted shades. These colour combinations add to the vintage aesthetic, making the cabinets look unique and classic.

    Moreover, since wooden cabinets suit almost every kitchen, they can be smoothly integrated into your existing kitchen to create a vintage appeal.

    2. Retro Kitchen Appliances

    Retro appliances have a vintage appeal that is unparalleled, making them one of the most popular vintage kitchen features. 

    Their bold and clean design, along with bright colour options, make them no less than style statements for your kitchen. That said, appliances like farmhouse sinks, vintage kettles to single-door refrigerators and ovens are great ideas that you could consider for your kitchen. These appliances can help you elevate the vintage aesthetic while also providing good functionality. 

    Moreover, since these appliances may take up a fair share of space, consider limiting the number of features you incorporate in your vintage kitchen design. 

    3. Vintage Wallpapers

    Vintage wallpapers are a great way to breathe in new life to your existing kitchen design. While botanical wallpapers have always been a popular choice, if it’s not something you prefer, there are many more options you could choose from.

    From bold stripes to quirky patterns, many wallpaper options can instantly change the look of your kitchen. Since wallpaper has such a big impact on your kitchen design, it can have a significant influence on your kitchen’s aesthetic. This makes wallpapers one of the quickest ways to create a vintage vibe in your kitchen.

    However, make sure you pick neutral tones to maintain an understated yet stylish vintage aesthetic that does not overpower other elements in your kitchen.

    4. Statement Flooring And Tiles

    Statement tiles have been a popular feature in many kitchens; right from older eras to present times, statement flooring has always been a favourite. Incorporating them in your design will create a vintage appeal that works great with any kitchen element.

    Additionally, if you prefer to keep your kitchen free with open spaces and compact appliances, opting for tiles and statement floors is a great idea for a simplistic and spacious kitchen.

    Moreover, when it comes to maintenance, upkeep is much easier and requires less time. With great functionality and aesthetics, statement flooring and tiles are sure to give your kitchen a vintage feel.

    5. Vintage Dish Sets

    In the olden days, porcelain dish sets and glassware were important features that were proudly displayed in open cabinets or shelves. When creating a vintage kitchen, you can bring this trend back and display your period dishes and other dinnerware proudly.

    From pastel ceramics to translucent glassware, there’s a huge variety of vintage dish sets that you can easily add to your kitchen for a timeless look. Since the main reason for their popularity is their intricate designs along with unique colours, they are sure to elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen.

    Additionally, you can visit a local flea market or antique store to find stunning vintage dish sets and other cookware that are sure to add to the overall vintage aesthetic of your kitchen.

    6. Pendant Lights

    Although used in many modern designs and settings, pendant lights are a versatile feature that can fit in any kitchen. 

    When it comes to vintage designs, pendant lights serve as a great feature that can elevate your kitchen’s appeal. From glass-enclosed pendants to more rustic lighting options, these lights can instantly make any corner or space of your kitchen more stylish than ever. 

    Additionally, with various designs and customisations available, you can easily find a suitable lighting option for your kitchen.

    Call Saturn Interiors For Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

    A vintage kitchen design is a stylish way of increasing your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal for a unique and original look.

    At Saturn Interiors, our kitchen specialists work hard to ensure that we create your dream kitchen with design elements that will suit your home perfectly.

    The vast range of projects we have worked on makes us experts in the kitchen installation and design field; we understand your requirements and make sure to deliver a bespoke service that aligns with your home and preferences.

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