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    ​The A-Z of Handleless Kitchen Design

    True Handleless Kitchen Design, for sleek, modern and minimalist look, install this kitchen in your home

    With so many popular kitchen trends to choose from, it can seem daunting to choose a design and style that’ll complement your home. To put an end to your confusion, the kitchen experts at Saturn Interiors bring you one of our favourite styles – the handleless kitchen design!

    This kitchen design has various design attributes that are unique to its style and set it apart from other kitchen trends. 

    Let’s take a look at why handleless kitchen design is fast becoming the epitome of sophistication.

    Why Should You Invest In Our True Handleless Kitchen Design Range?

    The handleless kitchen trend has been around for quite some time now and with the uniqueness it brings to the table, we can confidently say that it’s here to stay.

    If you wish to go for a sleek and sophisticated look, handleless kitchens are your best bet. Since minimalist home designs are trending, handleless kitchens have become the go-to option for many homeowners.

    What’s more, with a variety of finishes available in a wide range of colours, this kitchen style can suit every home, taste and preference.

    Handleless kitchen styles are extremely popular with open plan living spaces. This style often uses two contrasting colours for kitchen worktops and doors. If you wish to go for a more spacious and breezy look, then this kitchen design is perfect for you. 

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    Tips to Keep In Mind When Designing Your Handleless Kitchen

    You could be excited about taking the lead on your new kitchen project but we advise seeking professional assistance from kitchen design experts. At Saturn, we provide end-to-end design support along with tips on a variety of luxury design elements you didn’t even think of. 

    In any case, you should cover your bases with the following tips:

    Think About Appliances

    Since the true handleless kitchen design heavily leans on the idea of creating a clean look, you need to invest in appliances that’ll uphold and maintain that look. Carefully think about where your kitchen appliances will be installed and whether you would prefer cupboards or drawers. 

    Large drawers are popular with this kitchen style but you can also experiment with tall storage units to establish a clean, minimalist look. It’s best to invest in integrated appliances that can essentially be hidden from view.

    Think About How Minimalist You Want to Be

    Consider the end look you have in mind. If you wish to go heavy on the minimalist aspect, then choose a basic colour palette for your walls, kitchen worktops and doors. However, if you wish to add a bit of character and radiance to the space, then consider experimenting with colours and go for patterned doors and vibrant kitchen units

    Have a think about installing contrasting textures in your kitchen as there’s a lot of scope to experiment here. 

    Think About Storage Options 

    Depending on the level of minimalism you wish to integrate in your home, the kind of storage you install is definitely something to think about. If you wish to have a clean and clutter-free look through and through, then opting for smart storage solutions that conceal major elements in your kitchen are ideal. 

    Since the true handleless look is all about maintaining clean design lines around the kitchen area, ensure that you choose various elements carefully.

    Reasons to Install a Handleless Kitchen in Your Home

    As open plan living and necessity for smaller properties are becoming increasingly popular, handleless kitchen installation has become the go to option. Thanks to the smooth transition it offers between the kitchen area and the living room, it comes as no surprise that many homeowners are opting to go handleless. 

    Some popular reasons for choosing this kitchen design are mentioned below:

    • It’s easy to maintain a more hygienic kitchen environment as there’s little to no room for grime and dirt to accumulate
    • It offers a smooth and seamless distinction between the living and the dining room
    • Its comparatively safer than kitchens with handles on doors as there is less opportunity for kids to hurt themselves
    • Handles in the kitchen are a surefire way of saying that a kitchen is old. If you are going for a modern kitchen look without having to fuss over the kind of doors or handles you need to install, then this is ideal.

    Call Saturn Interiors for More Details on Handleless Kitchen Installation

    True handleless kitchens are popular amongst homeowners who wish to have a clutter-free interior with simple and clean design lines. With this kitchen style, less is more which is why it’s important to ensure that various design elements are well structured

    At Saturn Interiors, our kitchen designers bring top-notch quality to the table at great prices. With us, you’ll be able to get the appropriate worktops, appliances and storage units that’ll complement your kitchen space. 

    As kitchen specialists, we work hard to ensure that you do not compromise on your dream kitchen and our aim is to deliver on our promise.

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