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    Sometimes we have an idea of what our kitchen should look like, but making it happen seems a lot more difficult than conjuring up beautiful images in our head. We turn page after page through design catalogues, but no design really matches the one we have in mind. But as you may already know, having an idea alone may not be enough. There are several other things that you may need in order to transform that dream kitchen into reality. To begin with, you’ll need skilled craftsmen, responsible project managers and creative designers. At Saturn Interiors, you get all of these. Finding the right kitchen designers is of the utmost importance, so ensure that you opt for one with extensive experience.

    It Begins With an Idea

    Do you wish to have a fireplace mantle in your kitchen? Or are you looking for a design that allows you to flaunt your crockery collection? Do you want a barrel design for your kitchen peninsula but no catalogue you’ve seen so far offers you such an option? If you have consulted many interior designers but no design suggested by them seems to fit the bill, then this is where Saturn Interiors can help. The first step in designing a bespoke kitchen is gathering these little ideas. Only when you have a clear picture of how you want your kitchen to be, from the flooring to the cabinetry, can you convey your exact requirements to the interior designer you choose to work with. At Saturn Interiors, we take into account each of your specific requirements and work relentlessly until we make it happen. Our designers will work with you down to the very last detail to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on your dream kitchen.

    Taking Your Specific Interests into Consideration

    In our many years of experience, we have come across many different types of customers. Each of them wanted different things from their kitchen. Some wanted it to be the centre stage for their social gatherings, while some wanted it to be home to all the cutting edge appliances which they use for cooking and baking. Your interests largely define how you wish to make use of the space that is available to you. For those who like to cook more than they like to socialise, the focus will certainly be on the kitchen itself and they will likely be interested in knowing how the appliances are incorporated into the design. Whereas social butterflies will want to lock down a dining area in their design plans before giving the go-ahead. For those who frequently have guests over at their house, there may be a desire to have a lavish dining space. For instance, their choice of countertop would lean more towards stylish options such as granite, marble or wood.

    You Decide What the Highlight Should be

    One of the biggest reasons why the trend of bespoke kitchen design has gained so much popularity is that it gives homeowners the freedom to decide which aspect of their kitchen should get the spotlight. One of our customers was used to living in bigger homes until they decided to shift to the city. This change brought a drastic reduction in the amount of space that was available to them. Their conventional idea of a kitchen simply wouldn’t match with the designs they were shown from the catalogue. As a result, they opted for a bespoke kitchen design service. They also had a very specific requirement in mind. They wanted their kitchen to have a good lighting arrangement, so naturally, they wanted the chandelier to be the focal point in their kitchen space. For this reason, we selected a colour scheme for walls and cabinets which did not take the attention away from the real focal point of the room. The kitchen island was illuminated from below with lighting fixtures running along its perimeter, close to the flooring. The finished product was beautifully individual and everything you’d want from a bespoke kitchen.

    The Many Advantages of Going Bespoke

    Bespoke kitchen designs offer you an unparalleled advantage of customising the kitchen exactly how you want it to be. Most template designs adhere to a single style of modelling which may be modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic or Mediterranean. Bespoke designs, however, make it possible for you to choose your favourite elements from each of these styles and create something that is completely unique. You can marry rustic furniture with modern fixtures or bohemian colours with a Mediterranean kitchen island. With a bespoke kitchen design, there is the guarantee that your kitchen will be totally personal and that it will adhere to your every taste. Get in touch with the team at Saturn Interiors to get yourself a kitchen that is truly yours.

    Fitted Kitchens

    Saturn Interiors offer the widest range of kitchen styles from sleek slab high gloss doors through to painted shaker. Your kitchen can be truly bespoke if you want to match to your favourite Farrow & Ball paint colour. View our full range of kitchens and book a FREE design appointment to start planning your dream room.


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