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    6 Timeless Shaker Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

    Shaker kitchen ideas, a woman leaning against a black kitchen worktop and white drawers.

    Shaker-style kitchens are one of the most versatile kitchen designs and they can offer classic charm to your home. This kitchen design complements all architectural styles, from modern apartments to grand, period homes.

    The aesthetics of shaker kitchens originated from an 18th-century, protestant religious group that believed in simplicity and functionality. They structured their homes to reflect the philosophy of form, function and proportion.  

    Our kitchen design experts at Saturn Interiors can help you create the best shaker kitchen to suit your kitchen space. We’ve curated a few striking shaker kitchen ideas to help you blend the timeless aesthetic of the design with your own unique style.

    Let’s take a look at these ideas to inspire your kitchen redesign.

    1. Use Unpainted Cabinetry 

    Shaker kitchen ideas, white marble worktop and steel sink with brown wooden drawers and cabinets.

    While the core of the shaker-style aesthetic includes clean lines and flat surfaces, you can still add some personality to this simple design. 

    A great way to add some warmth and character to your kitchen space is to embrace the natural beauty of wooden furniture. Choose unpainted cabinets to add some class and charm to your traditional shaker kitchen. 

    When using natural wooden elements, make sure to maintain contrast by adding different tones and textures.

    2. Consider Storage Space

    shaker kitchen, kitchen with dark and white cabinets and a white island with white bar stools.

    Shaker kitchen designs are all about the minimalist look. To achieve this, you will need to maintain a well-organised kitchen.

    While designing your shaker kitchen, ensure that everything, from your plates and cutlery to your food items and appliances, has a designated space. Add cupboards and drawers to your kitchen island. Base cabinets, spice racks and plate racks would also serve as functional decor.

    Our kitchen installation specialists at Saturn Interiors can assist you in making the most of your kitchen space, regardless of its size.

    Get in touch with us to create a storage-efficient shaker kitchen.

    3. Use Attractive Wallpaper

    Shaker kitchen designs, white single-wall kitchen near a sofa and coffee table against a brick wall.

    When it comes to designing modern shaker kitchens, you have the opportunity to add your own personality to the design. 

    Add some character to your clean and minimalist shaker style by decorating your walls with attractive, patterned wallpaper. The creative flexibility offered by these kitchens also allows you to add more colour, texture and patterns, without crowding the space.

    You can also paint your cabinets and kitchen island in contrasting tones from the same colour palette to create a visually appealing design, as well as an inviting atmosphere.

    4. Use Vibrant Colour Schemes

    Shaker kitchens, kitchen with white lower cabinets and dark upper cabinets.

    One of the most recognisable features of a shaker kitchen is its iconic cabinetry, with clean lines and simple recessed panelling. 

    To design an impactful shaker kitchen, don’t hesitate to play with colours to find the perfect match for your kitchen. Use different colours for your upper cabinets and your lower cabinets to add contrast. 

    Incorporate light and dark colours, as well as interesting kitchen hardware. You could also shake things up by using bold colours to add a pop to your kitchen decor.

    Reach out to our kitchen design experts at Saturn Interiors for help with picking the ideal cabinetry and colour scheme to enhance your kitchen.

    5. Use Awkward Spaces

    Shaker kitchens, wood-furnished kitchen with black cabinets, black chairs, and a black marble wall.

    Pantries are an essential part of shaker kitchen designs as they offer a place to store your food and perishables. However, not every shaker kitchen has enough space to incorporate a pantry. 

    You can never have too much storage space in your kitchen. That’s why you should maximise space by using nooks and crannies in your kitchen. Use any small gaps and awkward spaces to create small cupboards and narrow pull-out cabinets. 

    Alternatively, you could also use these spaces to store brooms, large chopping boards, ironing boards or other items to avoid cluttering your kitchen space. 

    6. Make it Your Own

    Shaker kitchens, wood-furnished kitchen with black and grey elements included.

    The best part about shaker kitchens is that they are extremely versatile. This allows you to incorporate a variety of shaker kitchen ideas and add a unique and personal touch to your kitchen.

    You can add open shelving to display your favourite kitchen items and fine china. You could convert a lower cabinet into an open wine rack to show off your collection. 

    Give your kitchen an edge with a geometric tiled floor and brighten up the room by adding glazed cabinetry. You can also add curved edges to your kitchen island to soften the corners, which will give it a relaxed look and help to avoid accidents.

    Contact Saturn Interiors for Timeless Shaker Kitchen Ideas

    Looking to create a shaker-style kitchen? Our kitchen design experts are here to help you with all your kitchen remodelling needs!

    At Saturn Interiors, our specialists have years of experience in kitchen design and installation. With our expertise, we can assist you in picking the ideal kitchen layout to suit your space. 

    We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets, worktops and appliances to help you make the most of your kitchen space and bring your dream kitchen to life.

    Check out our stunning kitchen designs and reach out to us to learn more about our services!

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