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    Our Top 6 Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2022

    Many of us have had a luxurious marble kitchen countertop dream. 

    This idea has remained a part of everyone’s favourite countertop design trend. However, with 2022 kitchen counter trends, you have several options you could consider before making your decision.

    Since a countertop has a considerable impact on the kitchen design, you need to consider different factors such as the material, finish and design. This means looking at trends for kitchen countertops can give you ideas to bring you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

    The experts at Saturn Interiors have put together a list of 2022 kitchen counter trends to help you find the perfect option for your kitchen.

    So without further ado, let’s take a look!

    1. Luxurious Quartz Countertops

    A high-end alternative to traditional granite, quartz is a popular countertop material widely used across many kitchens.

    This durable and robust material creates a versatile and stylish aesthetic that can elevate your existing kitchen design. While the surface may be porous, it can easily be taken care of with a sealant to prevent liquids from seeping in.

    Additionally, while being luxurious, quartz is also a low maintenance material with various finishes and patterns available. With this, you can find the perfect quartz design to suit your kitchen’s aesthetics.

    2. Honed And Leathered Finishes

    2022 Kitchen Counter Trends; a kitchen with a textured backsplash

    Textured and tactile surfaces have slowly yet steadily made their way into kitchen designs with honed and leathered surfaces being used.

    Whilst traditionally most opt for polished surfaces, these two serve as a great alternative. Honed finishes are great for those looking for a matte finish for their countertops. The stylish slow sheen and smooth surface promotes a modern yet aesthetic look.

    A leathered finish is a new style that you could consider for your kitchen. Serving as one of the most popular 2022 kitchen counter trends, this type of finish has a soft sheen that has a different feel to touch. It retains natural colour to give the countertop a more sophisticated look.

    3. Veined And Patterned Countertops

    With unique designs and pattern trends, your countertops don’t have to be lacklustre. Even the simplest of materials can be enhanced through veining and patterned designs.

    With realistic veining and other abstract designs, you can let go of outdated countertops and opt for something new. Several materials like quartz are enhanced with such techniques to add personality and creativity to your countertops.

    4. Stylish Integrated Sink Ideas

    a white kitchen countertop with a built-in sink

    With enhanced designs of countertops, sinks are seeing a similar development in style and integration into the design. 2022 kitchen counter trends are bringing different sink patterns and styles that take your countertops to the next level.

    From black matte sinks with copper fixtures to unique coloured faucets and textured sinks, there are several new styles homeowners can experiment with to make the most of their countertops.

    5. Dramatic And Statement Designs

    From gothic designs to artistic ones, dramatic and statement counter designs have been a popular trend that can add a splash of creativity to your kitchen. 

    Based on the style and aesthetics of your various kitchen features, finding a style that goes well with the existing elements can make the space more cohesive and stylish.

    By pairing the right designs together, you can create a statement kitchen design that can leave a lasting impression.

    6. Artistic Backsplash Trends

    Backsplashes whilst a neglected area can be leveraged to make your kitchen design more unique. Moving away from the basic tiles to explore more creative ideas can be on top of the list for 2022 kitchen counter designs that transform your kitchen.

    From colour blocked pastel tiles to geometric abstract wallpapers, there are several beautiful and artistic backsplash choices that you could explore. If you have a neutral kitchen, a pop of colour can be just what you need to refresh your kitchen design. 

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    With so many amazing trends to explore, your kitchen design can be enhanced through simple tweaks in different elements. With our help, your kitchen design will be enhanced and renovated to a high standard.

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