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    Kitchen Trends 2022 – 4 Designs You Don’t Want to Miss

    It might be the most daunting and overwhelming thing to do when you begin planning or remodelling a kitchen design. The quality of sheets, materials, colours, and synchronisation of all these elements to make them look whole cannot be simply achieved. 

    While the possibilities and options are endless, the experts at Saturn Interiors have put together a list of expected kitchen design trends 2022 to give you a headstart. 

    This blog can offer you inspiration and help you to choose from the variety of services we provide and ensure that you create your dream kitchen in no time. 

    Let’s take a look! 

    1. Recycled and Eco-friendly Kitchens 

    kitchen design trends 2022; earthy themed kitchen accessories.

    Second-hand kitchen products are a great way to express your concerns for the environment. Not to mention, plants have never gone out of trend. 

    We encourage you to wed them both; with the help of our expert kitchen designers and a few plant additions, we can make your kitchen match all the kitchen design trends 2022. 

    If you’re starting your journey to sustainability or you’re a pro, second-hand kitchen accessories and a herb garden can make your kitchen new year ready! 

    2. Bold Kitchen Unit Colours 

    The trend of using bold colours in your kitchen has been rumbling in the market for a while now, but this trend is only expanding with the new year approaching. 

    The colour palette of choice is shades of navy, green and pale pink. 

    This trend also includes jewel blue tones and metallics. We suggest you pair these bold hues with statement features like textured workspaces to make the overall design look flawless

    3. Use of Marble 

    Kitchen design trends 2022; A white finished countertop with brown chairs.

    Some modern kitchen designs opt for a variety of elements made from brass and metallics. We personally feel that marble is the perfect luxury material of choice. 

    If you wish to pair marble with bold shades of green, choose cream or white textured marble to create a contrast and an everlasting kitchen design. 

    That said, keep richly veined marble in mind, for they are set to be a huge kitchen design trend in 2022. 

    4. Smart(er) Appliances 

    kitchen design trends 2022; A modern kitchen with smart chimney appliance.

    The moment you think that your appliances are doing as much as they can to make your lives easier, they get smarter. These upgrades, in 2022, are only set to expand. 

    There are smart ovens that suggest for you the ideal temperature settings for recipes and refrigerators that dispense hot and cold water are now considered old tech – the new advanced technology has enabled refrigerators to order your groceries

    A nuanced take on kitchen amenities will soon take over all kinds of kitchen designs, with smart appliances that have voice control, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the futuristic way of cooking in your kitchen. 

    Also, don’t forget simple elements such as taps. The new upgrades  are taps that can offer sparkling water! 

    Visit Saturn Interiors’ Website For Modern Kitchen Upgrades 

    Saturn Interiors strives to stay a step ahead of the latest trends  to ensure we offer the best service for our customers. With our wide range of bespoke kitchen designs curated for your preference, the combinations that can be designed with these options are endless! 

    Now that you know about the exciting new trends for 2022, it is time to take your kitchen remodelling to the next level. 

    Make your design dreams come true by choosing us for your remodel, and be sure to browse through our kitchen appliances options for a complete kitchen makeover! For more information, call Saturn Interiors on 01604 582 835 today!

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