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    Top 5 Kitchen Wall Colours Trending for 2022

    kitchen wall colour ideas; a minimalist and modern kitchen design

    Kitchen designs have been a constant subject to change and are impacted greatly by current trends.

    From shaker-style kitchens with brass fixtures to clean German kitchen designs that sport a minimalist aesthetic, we’ve seen several incredible trends with the latest focus being on kitchen wall colour ideas.

    If you’re keen on keeping your kitchen design up to date without having to make any major changes (or too expensive ones!), these paint trends for 2022 can be just what you need to refresh your kitchen’s overall look.

    The experts at Saturn Interiors have put together a list of the top kitchen wall colour ideas that are trending for 2022.

    Let’s take a look!

    1. Soothing Neutrals

    kitchen wall colour ideas; an all-white kitchen design

    With minimalism here to stay, neutrals have taken over many kitchen designs with more emphasis on simple walls. If bright, bold kitchen walls aren’t your cup of tea, soothing neutrals may be the right way to go.

    While simple white kitchens are a good choice, you could consider going for something different, like beige walls or cream-coloured panels. With this, you can consider contrasting white cabinets that have stylish metal fixtures to elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen.

    Additionally, you can also consider stylish tiles or a statement backsplash design to enhance the calming neutral coloured walls of your kitchen.

    2. Lively Blues

    a lively blue kitchen with multiple statement features

    Blue kitchens always promote a calming ambience that can make the chaos of prepping meals a lot more bearable. With the various shades and hues of this colour, you can find a blue that fits perfectly with your kitchen aesthetic.

    To let the colour shine through, the key is to keep it simple with your kitchen accessories and appliances. From classic subway tiles to wood countertops, having subtle elements with your blue walls can let the colour stand out.

    With this, even though your kitchen is essentially minimalistic, your kitchen wall is more than enough to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

    3. Statement Colour Pops

    kitchen wall colour ideas; a stylish grey and black kitchen with statement green chairs

    Getting your kitchen painted doesn’t mean you need to target all major areas of your existing design, a few pops of colour can make all the difference!

    For example, an alcove painted in a warm yellow can refresh your kitchen design and give it a more inviting look. Similarly, a simple geometric design with bright colours on your kitchen walls can make the space look creative and artistic.

    In such situations, the only limitation is your imagination – you can find the right design and aesthetic while also making the most of kitchen wall colour ideas.

    4. Light Hued Greens

    kitchen wall colour ideas; an open-plan kitchen with minimalist furniture and green walls

    Hues of a green whilst extremely relaxing also promote an earthy aesthetic that can create a sense of calmness. What better way to make the most of this colour than by painting your kitchen walls green?

    Whether it is a soothing sage green or subtle matcha hue, there are several incredible greens you can consider for your kitchen walls. The benefit of opting for light hues is that they seamlessly blend in with the rest of your kitchen design while also keeping the space stylish and appealing.

    Paired with simple white countertops or woodwork, the area becomes even more cohesive and trendy.

    5. Trendy Pastels

    a spacious open-plan kitchen

    When it comes to the best kitchen wall colour ideas of all time, trendy pastels will also be a part of the list. While many consider them to be recently revived, pastels have been a common choice in several design aspects, including kitchen wall colours.

    From subtle pinks and yellows to cool purples and bluish-greys, there’s a wide range of pastel colour options available that suit everyone’s preferences. Based on your existing design and kitchen elements, you can select a shade that goes with your kitchen elements. 

    With this, you can refresh your existing design without having to make too many changes. Moreover, pastels are easy to complement, and you can decorate the rest of the kitchen space accordingly. 

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