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    KITCHEN CATCHES FIRE! 5 Ideas on Using Red In Your Kitchen

    Red Kitchen Ideas; a kitchen design featuring a blend of white and red cabinets with stainless steel oven

    When it comes to designing a kitchen, colour can add both character and warmth to the space whilst completely transforming its look. Now, you could choose between subtle or bold hues, but the latter can help make an impact and create drama almost instantly.

    Sure, bold colours like red might not be your first option particularly when all-white kitchens are all the rage! However, instead of saving such statement colours for other rooms in your home, why not blend fashion and functionality by incorporating hints of character to your cooking space?

    If you’re still on the fence about choosing this vibrant hue for your kitchen, rest assured that there are several ways to include this stunning accent without going overboard.

    Read on to learn our professional designer’s red kitchen ideas and how you could showcase this colour in your space.

    1. Go for a Bold Backsplash

    Sometimes, hints of colour might be all you’ll need!

    Keeping that in mind, why not make red the focal point of your kitchen and then blend it into a few other areas of the room? The best place to make such a statement would be your backsplash, so go for options like red subway tiles as they can keep the room feeling sleek.

    You could then continue this colour in your dining space to reverberate the same in open living areas. Leave the rest of the kitchen as is, so that it can serve as a neutral backdrop to the hints of red.

    While you’re at it, ensure that the pops of red are evenly distributed in your kitchen as that will make sure your eye isn’t focused only on one element.

    Pro Tip – When choosing a tile for your backsplash, always go for a glossy finish as that helps reflect the outside light while brightening up darker hues.

    2. Embrace Darker Shades for Cabinets

    When it comes to your cabinets, the colour red can make a huge impact especially if you choose a darker shade like rich burgundy or deep ruby.

    However, we’d suggest you use these shades for your lower cabinets. Not only will it keep the statement colour below eye level but also help you create a polished overall look. What’s more, darker shades of red are a great choice for two-toned cabinets, as they make your cooking space look grounded.

    For more such red kitchen ideas, specifically for your cabinets, contact our team of designers today!

    3. Take It to the Floor

    If you’re someone who prefers an all-white kitchen but still wants to add that hint of character and warmth, this red and white kitchen idea is just for you.

    While keeping the rest of the kitchen elements aside, this tip solely requires you to focus on the flooring. All you need to do is choose tiles with a shade of red that complement the white cabinetry and walls of your kitchen whilst camouflaging the dirt on the floor.

    Pro Tip – When choosing tiles for your kitchen flooring, go for muted reds like hints of orange or terracottas. This is because, although they’re bright enough to create a statement, their brown undertone makes them easy to tie with other shades.

    4. Play Around With Texture

    When it comes to red kitchen ideas for decorating, colour isn’t the only aspect you could play with. Going all out with texture is just as important, whether it’s tactile, visual or both.

    An excellent idea would be to pair geometrically tiled flooring with a printed red rug and then tie in other features like wooded counters or marble backsplash.

    To find out more about adding texture in your kitchen design, read this blog!

    5. Incorporate Bright Kitchenware

    There are a lot of kitchen appliances that are available in a variety of colours. Whether you choose a ruby red fridge or fire engine red oven, these functional kitchenware pieces will be the focal point of your cooking space.

    Sure, these shades of red might seem intimidating at first, but they can turn out to be incredibly trendy when added in small doses.

    Pro Tip – Since bright kitchenware can add pops of character in colourful, sleek and minimalist spaces too, ensure that you’re choosing a red accent with undertones complementing the rest of the design.

    Contact Saturn Interiors for More Red Kitchen Ideas

    At Saturn Interiors, our team of kitchen designers have been working in this industry for more than three decades.

    Not only do they have the expertise to turn your dream kitchen into reality, but they also keep up with the latest design trends to help you stay ahead of the curve!

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